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19 September 2017

half malay half zombie


finally im having the time to sit down (my MLS class was cancelled thank god) and am peacefully able to write in here again. syukur :') i am using the library's computer room now cause the internet connection here is better :') syukur again

this will be a very short one, im planning to start writing since the day of my arrival, but unable to do so due to so many things came up and need to be settled. it was so difficult to actually find my solitude here prolly because im always surrounded by people (read : kimi saikou clan). my first week here was smooth-sailing, albeit filled with sense of trepidation at the many assignments to come. my classmates are nice also, the lecturers are all okay so far. on the good side, im utterly grateful that all my classes start at 10 instead of the usual 8 back in asasi, which is good cause i actually can prepare myself for classes on that day better

on the other hand, i have to be honest, this place is totally an opposite to uitm dengkil. i grimaced once i entered the hostel booths for college registration, the surrounded buildings are so old, and gory.  i know back in dengkil we were spoiled so good with new buildings, good food, comfy rooms. i dont know if im going to like it, but if i hv another options. my roomates, are alhamdulillah fine, as long as they pray 5 times a day, recite quran and .. hygienic, im okay. and dont get me started with the toilet

The past few days have been chaotic and tiring, I don't know if I'm the one who feels tired almost all the time or we all do. I'm just counting the days to the next public holiday so I could take a break. The thing is, I loathe weekdays so much I wish they don't exist. Lol kidding, of course they are fine. It's just that I have so many things to do on weekdays that makes me hate them. Sigh, I can be such an ungrateful homosapien at times. Sorry, I don't mean it. I am just tired.

so highlight of last week were.. okay i will start with tuesday, yeah it was insanely crazy and full of anxiousness + intimidation. to be honest, i think my nightmare came true, i totally jinxed myself on my first day (technically), since there was nothing we did on monday except for student registration and lunch and..went back to the hostel. so, TUESDAY, it was our first day to enter classes, met new classmates and lecturers and new environment. i remember the morning, me and shiffa went to HEA, bcs i need to check my Third Languange class, i dont know which class i had applied cause there was a problem with the system at the time im applying. i really hope it was Mandarin. so to be safe, i need to confirm it with the staff there, i need them to check it for me. end up, the staff was raising her voice at me which, oh fuck reminiscing it makes me want to puke, she was so rude and has no manner at all. there was a misunderstanding, she clearly confused with my question &  just humiliated me in front of other students who also queued at that time, i wish to disappeared into thin air at that time. but all in all, at least i know i actually in Arabic class, fine, i took it up anyway (as if i have other better options like arguing with her clearly on-her-period self)

wednesday, there were no class cause we have to attend a taklimat regarding the faculty, cocurriculum clubs (met cute seniors) yada yada, im grateful i was with my friends from asasi, we literally laugh snorts and tears throughout the whole day, i dont know how we find everything funny, but im thankful at least i can forget the HEA nightmare the day before. oh i forgot to mentioned, this university is really..big. i mean the place. there was no walking distance if u want to go to faculty or mosque or even..the bus stop. everything is so far from my hostel, even if u walk u will end up find a place to actually sit down and sip half of the mineral water bottle to quench the thirst and calm down. plus, the traffic condition here were bad, many cars and busses.  the roads were hilly, and u need to take the bus to go...almost everywhere. and there were so many times my friends and i were actually chose walking over riding a bus to the college, to the library, be it under the merciless scorching hot sun or wet rainy days. then you know the reason of why i usually go offline past 11, i always get quality sleep these days
wet and cold :(

i barely remember on what happened on thursday and friday, but i think theyre fine. hahahah. on weekends our schedule were also packed, on saturday we had a curriculum talk, but it was until 12 only. on sunday we had Moot workshop (i know right, my seniors were so flash) which lasted the whole day. it was a looooooooooooonnnnggggggg week right?


ending this post, i need u guys to pray for my studies and my well-being here, i hope everything runs smoothly throughout the whole semester. im still having trouble adjusting myself to the new environment, i know i will faced a big problem if i still cant adapt to all these firsts, but yeah i hope everything went well as i planned. and also, im really sorry, my writing has becoming so rusty, it's been a while since the last time i read a book (aside law books ofcourse).

and, i .. really really miss my little sister, safiya

miss waking up to this :(

ok now im going to take a nap cs im so freaking tired and sleepy. au revoir !