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4 October 2017

moot moot

Phew, it took quite some time for me to summon all my mental capacity and overcome my sloth to try and get back in my writing grooves. It was really hard to be zoned out, put aside the piles of assignments and mooting stuff and pending meetings, I am glad that im finally a bit carefree at this moment, I'm currently perched on a seat, cancelling out the noise in this computer section in library with Kuizz's Silences ft Haneri.. It has been so long since the last time I properly pen down my thoughts here, my greatest escape from reality! 

Really, my life has been such whirlwind since the weekend escapade I had with diana and syahidah, when, out of nowhere came to meet me here in shah alam. It was a great meet-ups even though just for a couple of hours, but it was suffice enough to cure my homesick, at least theyre like the closest ’home’. Oh and also want to remember the kl trip I had with shiffa to kl previously on Friday (guys it had been two weeks), it was really really fun even though it was tiring cause we walked a lot around the city, but shiffa who has breadth of knowledge regarding public transport had showed me on how to use them, bought tokens at the tokens machine, ride mrt (highlight of the trip !), go to different stations and the feelings when u walked out of the stations and the view of different skyline looming ahead, exciting ! the best part about it is im experiencing so many firsts with my bestfriend, my first time eating Kyochon, my first time riding Mrt, my first time visiting Duck store which I have always wanted to visit, my first time wandering aimlessly around the city, just us and the world, commitments-free

Kuala Lumpur

Shah Alam


Well, the carefree-ness does not last long, so couple of days before I have been thinking of joining Interpart Mooting Competition which was held by the law faculty. I think it was a great platform for me to delve more in the world of legal practices, even though im still in my first semester. But the exposure is crucial right, so that when you know a lot of things in the course you’re taking, the knowledge you have will carve the path for you to achieve your goals and your dreams. It will become the catalyst, driving force for you to pursue it, so I think I want to give myself a chance to be out of my comfort zone, it has been so long since the last time I involve in a competition, the trepidation, the anxiety, I feel like im ready for it. Plus, it’s a team competition, so one team will be competing another team, which I think was cool cause at least i have to share the burdened with the others hahaha

But guys, I was wrong. I was wrong from the beginning, from the time I have thought about this competiton, from the time I first set my foot here, from the time I accepted the law degree offer, from the time I was borne, I was COMPLETELY wrong. It has been almost two weeks, and it was a one of the hellish ride I have ever experienced in my life. I woke up everyday with anxiety thinking about my submissions still lacking, the moment when your coaches gives homework during the training and demand them on the same day, spent the whole night doing research and walked to college from the faculty at subuh, skipping meals, lost count how many times I cried thinking how dumb and lacking I was compared to the other teammates, the trepidation u felt in every training sessions cause u don’t want to upset the coaches cause u didn’t prepared well for it, spent hours in front of the screen scouting for cases and authorities to support my grounds, no more quality sleep even though my body was tired but end up sleeps two hours later, arduous training, mentally drained, socially deprived, it was goddamn the greatest plot-twist in my life so far. I wish I can penned down in detailed on the things I had experienced in my mooting journey, but I am so bad at it,  I hope it remains as one of the ‘sweetest’ memories I had here in my mind, hope so. and all in all, i am so proud of myself to do crazy things that i dont think i will be able to do before 

But on the good side, I feel like my teams and I have a good chemistry, well of course because we were classmates during asasi, but the bond just have tighten more. We were so closed especially the girls, very supportive towards each other, and always have backs on each other, including the coaches, Nami and Abs ! Nami was great, very kind and generous, he always bought us supper especially when we finished training at midnight, usually at 2am, and offer rides to our college cause its very far from the faculty. Abs, don’t mess with this girl. She’s a genius, very committed and I cant even imagine her ‘resting-bitch face’ she gave everytime during submissions, total nightmare. the moment she bombard you with questions during your submissions, that is when you started questioning your life. But I love her, she have myriad personalities which I really adore, she really committed, willing to abandon her free time to have training sessions with us even though we all know she was busy preparing for Boston, she always tired but we are her priorities, she spilled so much knowledge which were all helpful in improving our skills yada yada, she care for each and one of us, she’s like a loving sister to us, her advices and hugs were so comforting, really. Thank you didn’t suffice. Everytime I feel like giving up, I always think of them and their sacrifices and their faith in us, they have devoted and sacrifices a lot of things, and the least I can do is make them proud by winning this competition !

I think that is all for now, I wish I can spill more but I have another things to do so, thanks for reading, au revoir !