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22 May 2018

I am okay

Remember this girl's new year resolution ? - to blog more

its not that i dont hv time to blog something, but when it comes to writing on events that had been occuring in my life, i prefer it to be more personal, and it takes time for me to gather my thoughts before i finally type it out.

so, there are few highlights that i feel like sharing

1. my first time attending a birthday party

i know what youre thinking, yes, i never have a chance to attend anyone's birthday party before. its not that im not invited (excuse me i have reputation okay) but none of my friends or family members held a party for their birthday ! neither did i :( when it comes to my birthday, we only have like a small gathering, a cake and celebrate with virtual wishes from my friends. but surrounded by an incredibly great and wonderful people is already sufficient to make my day :) the best birthday i had was, surprisingly in asasi back in 2016. my housemate celebrate my birthday with a sponge cake they bought from anjung's bakery, balloons and some other stupid birthday party supplies. i was eternally grateful to be their housemate. the next day, my dad took a flight to visit me, coincidentally he had a meeting in KL on the same day, and i couldnt feel happier meeting him a day after my birthday ;)

back to the topic, its dhiya (amir's sister) birthday party i was attending. seeing her and her friends make me missing my primary school friends too whom i always wish all of us can stay keep in touch. we're like a bunch of bimbo walking around the school upholding the bimbo life rules. how sad, now - a bestfriend turns to a mere acquaintance

2. post-election thoughts
with tun mahathir commanding the country as the prime minister, again , makes me teary. for a 93 years old man, his persistency to change malaysia to a better one is something that the citizens should be proud of and look up to. what a role model. Congratulations Malaysia, we have taken a big leap into the future ! during the recent election last two weeks, it supposed to be a one whole week of holiday but i spent it here in shah alam. i remember holding my phone all the time reading twitter updates, watching astro awani live and so on. amazing :)

3. behold - the catastrophic week 11 and week 12
this gif explains it all

One thing that im utterly grateful for this sem, despite the hurdles i have to face every single day is that i found a self-discovery. i am a lone ranger most of the time. i walk to the bus stop alone, walk home alone. basically doing all the things on my own. i usually keep all the mess to myself since i hate confronting my issues. People usually view solitary as a bad thing, but to me its the opposite. Its a courage, because not everyone dares to be seen alone. I found myself more productive when im alone, and i feel good to have time for myself to rethink about my goals, dreams and reflect back on my actions. I find comfortability in being alone in the sense that its therapeutic and awakening. Thats when i discover myself more, and i do believe despite my family and my closed friends as my pillar of strength, me myself know myself better than anyone else and my inner strength and positive mind is what keeping me alive until now. alhamdulillah

4. Ramadhan kareem
I can never feel ramadan vibe here until i get home. i miss terawih at masjid, buying food at bazaar, preparing for berbuka with the family :'( i mean, who doesnt want to celebrate the month of togetherness, ramadan with beloved ones right?

Also, wishing everyone happy fasting, may this Ramadhan purify our heart, change us to be a better muslim indeed. inshaallah

I am okay :)