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6 April 2018

Things I wanted to tell you

I wish I am your dream girl. I wish I have all the criterias of her. I wish you feel content everytime im around. I wish you always feel warm and comfortable with me. I wish you don’t find me as a burden. I wish I treat you right this whole time. I wish you never see my flaws or even if you do, I wish you accept me as who I am. I wish youre okay with my mood swing. I wish you never feel disheartened whenever I utter any bad words without me knowing that may cause you feel that way. I wish you still believe im prettiest even tho there are tons of prettier girls out there. I wish you never feel ‘lonely’ in this relationship. I wish you can bear with my insecurity issues. I wish you know that everyday im trying so hard to improve myself in order to achieve my dreams. I wish you will stay with me throughout this lowest point of my life where everything is not in favour of me but I want you to know that I have high faith in Allah and I believe one day He will fulfil all my dreams. I wish you know how special you are to me. I wish you allow me to learn to love you better. And most importantly I wish this unique feelings of us will never fade, strong since day 1.
I really hope I have the guts to tell you all of this everytime we met, but I cant.