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21 January 2016


Assalamualaikum wbt. Hi

I love listening to songs, especially songs with meaningful lyrics and give big impact in my heart, i can even literally got teary eyes whenever i listen to them. But in this era, its so difficult to find that kind of songs/genre so im more to listening songs from the 70s to 80s cause theyre so good..! Some of my favourites are The 1975, Muse, The Script and ofcourse Backstreet Boys

But now, there’s this one guy had caught my attention with his beautiful songs and his voice of angel ! (and his good looking face too)


Ok honestly when i heard one of his songs, Salam. I literally fall in love with it. I knew him from one of my friend, Bia when we were still in Turkey. She introduced me to harris and recommend me to listen to his songs especially Salam & I Promise. So when we arrived malaysia, i listened to all his songs on our way back to Penang from KL.. It felt like a memorable 5 hours car ride ever with his songs blasting in the car. I kept repeating all his songs until we safely arrived home. Some of them are good and but the one with beautiful meanings really touch the deepest side of my heart. Especially as a muslim, listening to this kind of songs somehow help me to purify my heart and change my perception on lagu ketuhanan. I believe one day he will be one of the best pop singer in the world, plus he’s a muslim!

You know when Bia said Harris looks a little bit like Justin Bieber, and he’s Muslim and he sings pop music and urged me to listen to all of them, I DO AND BECOME INCOMPREHENSIBLY OBSESSED over him

I even marks his birthday on the calender in my room and on my phone and sets alarm for it. I stalked his bio and follow all his friends and even his family on all social medias all over the internet. I even download his app even though i rarely use it.

And my obsession towards Harris has never subsided. Everytime the radio played his song, my heart does a little dance and i go all *hearty eyes*. Then i searched all his videos on youtube and spent my nights watching till 3am. Just like the days when i read harry potter books till 3 am but still managed to continue the next book even though i have school in just a couple of hours left.

I cannot tell you how utterly crazy I am about him. And here i am, now a JJ (a term which refers to a Harris J fan)

So yesterday he had a skype session with the indonesian JJs and you couldnt imagine how stressful and deppressing i am T.T

I really hope one day i can meet him in person, just like i met aaron aziz and yuna in a very unexpected way.. Amin inshaallah

Due to the boredom that i face each and every single day of this loooonnngg holiday, no doubt that i hv been spending most of my pastime listening to his songs or stalking his twitter and facebook. i even tried to find his snapchat or his emails or his skype account since there’s so many rumors that he has all those accounts.

But sooner or later, i know all this obsession is pointless but since he’s a muslim and the challenges of muslim faced these days, of course i’m as a muslim have to support him to change the world’s perception on islam. It hv become one of my responsibility too kan. At least it can help me in the hereafter

(As I am typing this I am listening to Let Me Breath - HJ)

And his new music video- Good Life will be released this Sunday-24th Jan exclusively on his app. And im quite excited about this one because he recorded his music video by himself using his monopod and he’s walking around london, his hometown and also my dream city. And u remember the days when justin bieber also recorded his beauty and a beat music video using his monopod ?

But dont worry, harris is obviously way more better than justin :p

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Syahidah Syed Ageel said...

what do you expect from me? Of course I laugh hahaha