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29 July 2017

To all the boys ive loved before

not a long time ago, she told him, 'i really wanna dance with you. not the crazy-fun-jumping-around kind of dance. but the slow kind. the one where i can just cling on to you. my hands wrapped around your neck, and your big hands placed just right around my waist. our bodies, tight, against each other. our bodies moving according to the rhythm. synchronized, slow dance. our favorite songs on speaker.  just us, in the moment. how vivid and beautiful'

thus she made a list of songs she could dance to with him, if that day ever comes. but when it suddenly did, she was flustered. nervous, excited, a plethora of emotions suffocated her at once. she trusted her guts and chose three songs, randomly. they just came into her mind. and she just realized that they were perfect. absolutely perfect for the first dance.

3 blissful months

remember my last two posts back in early may when i said im going to blog more about my working experience in a legal firm in a week or two?


it was truly an amazing ride, first, now i had a taste of what the legal profesion entails. preparing NoDs, summons, e filing, how important legal diary is and yada yada. from zero knowledge on legal stuff until now alhamdulillah i feel some sparks of interest burning in myself in law, course that inshaallah i will devoted my soul in for 4 yrs ahead.

well the result will be out on thursday, 3rd august (thanks Megat for constantly reminding annoyed me with the date), hopefully things will turn out the way i planned, but i believe His are better.

other than that, i am utterlyimmensely SO SO GRATEFUL that i hv such an awesome officemates. sumpah, kat firm lain susah nak rasa atmosphere macam ni. In the morning we usually had some carefree banters while having breakfast, not in the pantry but at our own desk. It was a great kickstart to a busy day! Kak Su will play misteri jam 12 (its from a singapore radio station, Ria Fm if im not mistaken) just to feels some chilly vibes while fingers gracefully dancing on keyboards and eyes fixated on the screen. its funny when suddenly theres an audio recording of the ghosts voice and we will stop doing what we were doing and listen to it attentively, when it started to sound ridiculous we will laugh like a maniac. sometimes Casey the pengacara for that misteri jam 12 also will play some weird sounds of ghost laughing or moaning etc and all of us were like...*facepalm* cause we think casey go overboard haha. i miss their chuckles and jokes we made every single day

done with a few horror stories, its Kak Mira's turn to play some songs of our choice (yes kak mira ni macam dj dalam office, request je lagu apa pun) from youtube. Kak Su lah paling banyak request hahahah. Surprisingly her favourites were always from 20th century vibes !  Some of them that i love the most were Air Supply- Making Love out of Nothing at All, Oh Carol (cant remember whos the singer), Backstreet Boyss songs, Celine Dion - Alive. Kalau haritu kitorang tengah high (high means we were sleepy) Kak Su will request songs from Cleopatra Stratan, a Spanish kid back in 2000s that used to be Kak Su's fav jams during her high school years. Obviously the songs were in Spanish. But i enjoyed it, u guys can google her and listen to some of her songs. My suggestion - Ghita & Zunea Zunea. Trust me this kid is great. Also Kak Su's fave was Maher Zain, Medina cause she said the kid's voice in that songs is like me, trust me i was treated like a 6 yr old kid there. Friday, Islamic talks (ceramah) will blasted out of the radio. Add on some nasyid songs also, cause its friday..

Sometimes Kak Mira will just play the radio, usually Era Fm, Sinar or Hot fm. kalau keluar je lagu aiman tino semua cakap 'ha ni kawan hang tengah menyanyi ni tasnim' and my usual replies will always be 'HA TU LA ADIK KAK MIRA SEMUA LAGU LELEH'

disclaimer : if youre from North side of Msia u will understand the dialogue above

Me ? Being the youngest i feel its better to just follow the flow. Dont get me wrong, theres no seniority stuffss there. Tapi i feel like since im the youngest i should hv some attitude there. Kak Su is in her mid 30s, same with the rest of them. But i still download my Spotify app in my computer at my own cubicle, because when i feel like i dont want to listen to the songs played by them, i will just play mine. Other than poking each other, Facebook junkie these two, Kak Su and Kak Mira always shared funny videos by tagging me along. Im now into facebook guys, bye twitter u lame

My boss in my department was En Amir, a very very down to earth in person, never scold me even when i make numerous mistakes, even repeating it on the next day. He gave a lot of advices, guide me a lot in tasks im assigned to. He even give tips for my interview (refer my last post) and always wishing me luck and also follow up with my life updates. He was like a father to me there, very soft-spoken and cool man. He always on and off from court and office, also treats his staff kindly, the other day he brought red, ripes rambutans from his grands' dusun, i almost finish them all by myself

Hahaha besides En Amir, En Amirul was also one of my bosses, hes the one who always give me difficult tasks with difficult instruction that took me almost days to digest how to do it. But hes really kind and genuine, and of course full of jokes, love to tease people esp kak su. my laugh box probably be very exhausting by now due to too much laughing for 3 months consecutively

Lastly, two boys who were 5yrs older than me by mistakes whose i never adress them as Abang Megat and Abang Shahrul but 'HANG AKU' only when talking to each other. Other than non stop collab with each other annoying me with their never ending rants and silly jokes, they also questioning me on why i took law instead of Masscom, i can be like mira filzah, or since im kayu i can be like fattah amin. Rude. These are the types of people who always making me doubt myself and my decision. Shouldnt even exist

ok back to business, theyre just chambering students there. and also i always look up into them when it comes to degree studies and what not, they always shared their amazing experience. side jokes tu common la even tengah serious talk pun sempat lagi buat lawak. Shahrul, he's damn hard-working, always offer to help, currently on diet. Megat, i hv so many things to talk about this guy. He's snobbish, swine, always late, careless, snarky & has weird taste in music -some of them are good i cant deny. other than that, hes sweet sometimes (the way he talked to his girlfriend otp got me dead like wtf is this the real u), cares a lot, shares a lot, witty, kind-hearted and f hard-working, always stay back in the office when there are shitloads of work. Hes enthusiast and strong coffee, body wired with energy, fond of intellectual discussion, always talks about new stuff, good movies and introduce new musicWe either engage in carefree banters or intelligent debates. Lately i hv so many names, Cenim, Nanim was the name he called me cs he said its manja (this time i wished i was dead). Also care about my future undertakings, he also once helped me with my upcoming interview, and keep up to date with degree intake results which happens to be next week. I couldve thanked him forever for that. You'll never read this but, i pray the best for you in the future

Thats all i could share here, there were so many things i wanted to share but im afraid they were confidential and quite a privacy, id rather keep them to myself. Wrote this down cause my sentimental+forgetful arse will definitely read this again in the future. Such a peak to an olden days is fascinating right? Now that im currently unemployed, anticipating for the upcoming result day, i will definitely miss the working vibes.

Till next post <3 (probably next three months) lmao

Au revoir