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23 November 2016


there are a lot of things that i need to fix about myself. I hate myself for being wuss, stupid and gullible. i am easily influenced by many things/people that in the end, i suffered and i get nothing. Its just a simple pleasure that lasted in a short moments that in the end, i regretting this and that, here and there. Whenever i see someone else do the same stupid thing as i am, i became angry but then i realized i did the same thing too, and they are actually the reflections of me. I cannot brain how patient and loving my parents are towards my incessant bad behaviour, countless naggings, advices that they give to me, but i still hadnt changed, i cant believe if i were in their shoes. I want to change, ofcourse i do. But i personally doesnt know what type of person i want to be. Sometimes, i cant find my interests. Im really that random person, im easily influenced by everything that they can affect my personality and everything, my life. I cant find my niche, im just a lone ranger that just mingle with different cliques, i dont have a friend/bestfriend/soulmate that can devote herself in being my only friend and share the same interests, thoughts and all. I really hope i have one. But, 18 years i lived, i never feel the sense of belongings, despite my family that is, but still im the biggest burdened to them that i always have this sense of guilty whenever im with them, especially my parents. Boyfriend? Never had one. I even hate boys *shrugs*. Im going to blame myself until i achieved what i desperately want in me, its a long process that i need to hurdle despite the college stuffs and all :’( i hope im fine with it. Au revoir

26 October 2016

girls day out

can you imagine, you havent met your super duper fabulous ultimate bestfriendsss for ALMOST A YEAR ?? can u imagine that? well, i cant imagine it as well but i myself havent met my bestfriends for almost a year !! yes, you read it right. the last time i met my bestfriends probably on the day of spm results came out which was on march this year! its not that most of us were busy with daily chores respectively but i dont know, we always are not free at the same time we plan to meet up. despite our late midnight conversations, talk on silly topics, sharing problems, reminding each other when it comes to agama and such, and talk about interesting topics or ideas whenever our brain cells connected to each other, its nothing much compared to real hugs and be social in real life. virtual conversations really sucks bcs at the end, we always mentioned how much we have been longing to meet up with each other, real hugs, took a lot of pictures together and have a nice meal together, just like the good old days

finally, today i get to hangout with my bestfriends - syahidah and dianaaaaaa !! im beyond grateful that three of us were free today :') we didnt planned exactly on what we will do, where we will have for lunch and whether we want to visit our school or not. it was all an act on impulse :) but it was a well-spent day especially with this bananass !!

so on 10 am, diana picked me up at my house, then we went to petronas, because i need to withdraw money (i didnt have any ringgit in my wallet sobs), then we picked syahidah at her house and we decided to visit school !

we were so awkward at first, and the funny thing is three of us didnt feel any nostalgic feelings at all, we just visit a few teachers who were available in their room, spent about 15 to 30 minutes sembang-sembang, then we quickly decided to go for lunch because we were so 'segan' wandering aimlessly around school to find whether we bumped into any other teachers or juniors. so overall we had spent almost 3 hours at school, which is pretty satisfying that we had pay a visit so that there will be no guilty feelings at all for not visiting school as an alumni lol

then we drove to secret recipe restaurant in kiosk bertam because it was our final decision. earlier on we were deciding to had steambot for lunch but unluckily all steamboat restaurants in that area were closed !!!! so yeah, went to secret recipe, me and diana had grilled blackpepper chicken rice while syahidah had dory for her lunch. then we bought cakess for desserts. & this is the highlighted part of the day, since secret recipe had promotion which is buy 3 slices of cakes, you can get 1 free. so three of us had our cakes respectively, then me and diana forced syahidah to choose the other one free slice of cake and WROTE HIS FIANCEE'S NAME ON IT !!!! she was so segan at first but since we had met up and we didnt know whether we had another plans to meet up again after this, she finally did it.

HI HUSSAIN - there goes his name - Hussain on the cake

me and diana even embarrassed her by took a lot of her pictures with the cake and upload them on all social medias platform (lol why i sounds so formal). of course she was totally embarrassed but hey, we're all bananas kan, so we go bananas lah whenever we're together !

then we took a lot of pictures, snapchatting, gossiping as usual.

the rest of the days were also greatly spent, we even went to ain nasuha's house and had pizza together ( we ate a lot today i swear), and took ootd's pictures at syahidah's house. it was so sad to say goodbye to each other, as we didnt knew when we will have this good times together again :(

syahidah, the last time i met you as someone who are still single , still cheekily talked on boys together lol. we planned so much things back in school and one of them even the silliest one such as  - lepak at cafe in front of aviation school ! it was because we intend to marry a pilot soon hahahahaha so funny reminiscing our school days, how immatured and childish we are back then. acah nak jadi suri hati mr pilot, tapi sekarang awak dah jadi suri hati mr arkitek heheheh. yeah, my sharifah syahidah had engaged now, and soon getting hitched. i was on mixed feelings when she informed me the news, but i know Allah had planned the best for her, and i have faith in Him

as for diana, we are still singles and still on long, bumpy journey to get graduated, getting employed and inshaallah getting married. how time flies :'( but i really hope that our relationship as a friend will always getting strong despite our age, status, wherever we are. and inshaallah i always pray that this friendship will blossomed till jannah

i guess that's all for today. i am mentally and physically fatigue right now, till next post inshaallah :')

i posted random photos so tired to arrange them hahaha

29 September 2016


Alfatihah, Tok Mariah . This morning, i received a whatsapp from my dad that my grandma, Tok Mariah had passed away. I was speechless. and i cried so hard, really really hard at 1.20 am. Morning the day before, i was already being informed by my mom about my tok's condition, that she was in critical condition already. And by the time I called my mom, she was in a complete rush driving to the hospital. It was an emergency case. And she asked me to pray a lot, and recite yasin. sounds like we're preparing for that 'moment'. Then i whatsapped my dad, and he told me that my grandma was fine.

The whole day (yesterday) i spent in the library from zuhur until 6.30 pm studying. I left my phone in my room, to avoid distraction (for sure) and also, i didnt want to receive 'that news' regarding my grandma. I was praying so hard that she will get speedy recovery, and she can go home healthily, and i get to see her soon during sem breaks.

That evening i called my mom, she picked up the phone with coarse, shaky voice. I knew something was not right. My mom said she was a lil bit 'busy', i pretend to understand her situation and hung up. That evening, i was actually damn sleepy. Bcs i had spent hours studying and my body was in restless state. I waited until maghrib, perform maghrib prayers, recite alquran. Then i decided to sleep after isya'. i checked my phone. No call nor messages from my parent/family about my grandma's condition. I also decided to not call em and still, i pray a lot. 

Done with isya' prayers, off to sleep.

*notifications ringtone* // *quickly grab my phone*

'maktok dah tenat, tolong baca alfatihah dan yasin banyak2'  - mom

Ya allah. I instantly get up from my bed, took wudhu and recite a few surah. I prayed so hard that my grandma will be fine. Clock strikes 10 pm, i shouldve sleep at that time bcs i need to wake up at 2am to study another subject.


My posters that i placed on the 'kepala katil' hit my face really hard. I instantly woke up. It's 1.20 am. The curtain swayed along with the strong wind. My bedroom was so cold, like 10 degrees colder than usual night temperature. The wind was so strong, the rain started pouring heavily. Everything on my 'kepala katil' (poster, clock and lotion) started to fall off and hit my face. Hesh.

'fine, im wide awake now'

I checked my phone. A whatsapp from my dad. 'Tok Mariah telah kembali ke rahmatullah jam 1.10 am'.


I love her so so much. She had been taking care of me since i was born. I spent most of my childhood time with her. I used to sleepover with my cousins at her house a lot, and we had carved so many beautiful memories together. Those days when she woke us up for Subuh prayers, even though at that time most of us were just aged 8-10 yrs. She prepared the most delicious breakfast for us, nasi goreng with the most succulent, mouth-watering scrambled eggs i ever had in my lifetime. Then we will follow her to grocery shop not far from her home, she will usually bought groceries to cook for that day, veges, potatoes, onions etc. And also, being a loving grandmother as she was, she will bought ice cream for us after we pretend to stare at varieties of icecream in the icecream tub. She bought the most famous icecream at that time, aiskrim kacang which i believe hard to get nowadays. 

Then my cousins and i will help carry the groceries bag for her, one hand carrying while the other hand holding the icecream. We walked home while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the sawah padi in the morning. My grandma didnt talked much, but when she's started talking, she give advice, she compliments, she shared stories. She NEVER scold us, her grandchildren.

That was the most beautiful piece of memories i  remember about her, during my childhood years. 

Growing up, i rarely visit her. Honestly said, im easily getting bored whenever we visited her. My house is the nearest to her, and we always pay a visit. So i wasnt really appreciating. I blamed myself for that. After 2 hours staying, i usually begging my mom to quickly go home. But honestly i wasnt that rude, during the visit ofcourse i had chats with her, helped her in the kitchen, like goreng cucur udang for hi tea sesh with my family. During ramadan, we always had berbuka time together,  performed maghrib prayers and spent time watching tv together while waiting for isya' and terawih. We will usually go home before isya', bcs my grandma always had terawih in masjid, and same goes to my dad. Before we go home, she always asked me,

'Tasnim bila nak tidoq rumah tok lagi?'

The only family member who call me Tasnim. 

Im sorry tok, i wasnt there. I didnt hv the chance to say thank you. I wish i had. Thank you for taking a good care of me, for raising me up, for everything i wish i can list every single thing here. You mean a lot to me, and i wasnt there during your last breath. I believe youre in a better place now.

Alfatihah, tok

24 September 2016


Its 4.04 am in the morning and im still wide awake, jeezzzz i hate the fact that my eyes were half-opened and my brain isnt working anymore but everytime i close my eyes for like 30minutes forcing to sleep, and then i gave up and opened my eyes and stare at the ceiling. whyyy I STILL CANT SLEEP ???!!!!

then i try to study, i took my lecture notes and my own notes and put em on my bed, plug in earphone and tune in some soft instrumental musics to help calm my mind and put me to sleep, then all of sudden all those ghost stories, gory features loomed on my mind. fck i can feel the goosebumps all over my body. SUDDENLY I FEEL LIKE CHECKING UNDER THE BED, CHECKING THE LOCKER, CHECKING WHATS BEHIND ME, AND, CHECKING WHO'S OUTSIDE.  I instantly whatsapp nurin to tell her i cant sleep so that i feel less panic, then she stupidly asked me why and told me to check the windows. if only she was in front of me at that time i would have slaughtered her. oh yeah she was outside at that time thats why im afraid bcs i was alone in my bedroom. Then i tune in to a few surah from ny quran app to help halau all those satans thought

Ok now its 4.19 am.

So yeah looking back at the title of thia post, insecurities. Im actually at that point when i cant accept myself for who i am. bcs i hv insecurities on people's personality. I cant help myself adoring people with personality that can attract others, i mean, i dont want other people to like me, ofcourse u cant force people to like you. but i dont understand how u can simply put everyone's attention on you, they hear what are u talking, they respond to what u talking, they laugh at your jokes, they look at you with eyes full of inspiration, WHY I CANT BE LIKE THAT??

Sometimes, i try involving myself in my classmates' chat, but end up blaming myself *why i even said that* thoughts bcs they dont find me attractive. I think im just a weird furniture in my class. I've had enough. Haih

I tried, so hard. But i actually end up killing myself emotionally. And im drown in my own ocean of thoughts, and dead inside. 'its fine if someone doesnt like you'- i cant accept the fact that i care so much on people's thought on me. im trying but i stumbled and hurted myself. its so hard.

Sometimes i decided to just stay introvert and be a lone ranger, but it makes me feel more sad !! I hate the fact that i had to walk alone. i hate the fact that i cant talk to someone. i hate everything.

This week is such a disaster for me. Every night i always reflected myself, i look at the mirror, and asking why and why. those sleepless and sombre nights, i hate it that nobody actually cares about me. i knoe im really that complicated.

I also hate the fact that i hv problems with my facial expression. im always with that idgaf face when actually im such a cheerful person and my mind were damn full of awesome and humorous thoughts. im smart, witty, well-organized, wild and bitchy. i guaranteed you would like to be my bestfriend. Sadly no one notice that. And i always kept my inner bitch to myself bcs of my insecurities. its killing me. Its really hurt

Im really a cool kid, seriously. I just dont know why im like this. I think too much. I guess.

4.36 am

I've been out on that open road
You can be my full time daddy,
White and gold
Singing blues has been getting old
You can be my full time baby,
Hot or cold

Don't break me down
I've been travelin' too long
I've been trying too hard
With one pretty song

I hear the birds on the summer breeze,
I drive fast, I am alone in midnight
Been tryin' hard not to get into trouble,
But I, I've got a war in my mind
So, I just ride, just ride,
I just ride, just ride

Dying young and I'm playing hard
That's the way my father made his life an art
Drink all day and we talk 'til dark
That's the way the road dogs do it – ride 'til dark.

Don't leave me now
Don't say good bye
Don't turn around
Leave me high and dry

I hear the birds on the summer breeze,
I drive fast, I am alone in midnight
Been tryin' hard not to get into trouble,
But I, I've got a war in my mind
I just ride, just ride,
I just ride, just ride

I'm tired of feeling like I'm fucking crazy
I'm tired of driving 'til I see stars in my eyes
It's all I've got to keep myself sane, baby
So I just ride, I just ride

I hear the birds on the summer breeze,
I drive fast, I am alone in midnight
Been tryin' hard not to get into trouble,
But I, I've got a war in my mind
I just ride, just ride,
I just ride, I just ride

Every night I used to pray that I'd find my people, and finally I did on the open road.
We had nothing to lose, nothing to gain, nothing we desired anymore, except to make our lives into a work of art.
Live fast. Die young. Be wild. And have fun.
I believe in the country America used to be.
I believe in the person I want to become.
I believe in the freedom of the open road.
And my motto is the same as ever:
"I believe in the kindness of strangers. And when I'm at war with myself I ride, I just ride."
Who are you?
Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies?
Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them?
I have. I am fucking crazy.
But I am free.

15 July 2016

3 bloody weeks

wow, sure its dusty here. it's been a long time since i havent write anything here, of course i miss expressing my thoughts in this small box. it's my great escape. so first of all i wanted to share where i pursue my studies. alhamdulillah i'm now in uitm dengkil, pursuing foundation in law. i wasnt expected to be here at first, since it wasnt my first choice to be here. in case if some of you wondering, ofcourse uia is my first choice since it has been well-known as one of the prestigious law school in malaysia . but never mind, i know Allah has plan the best for my life, all i need to do is have faith in Him, work hard and pray a lot.

it has been 3 weeks im here, sure it was difficult at first. i was so homesick that i cant be alone, or else i will started to feel lonely and teary and end up mascara smudging all over my face. it was sick. and i learn to be independent..which is not good. why i must be independent when i'd experienced how hard life was back in high school, juggling with homeworks and tuition classes and revision which i had done all of them on my own. i manage my own stress and time and money on my own. but of course my parents did help me in giving moral supports and financial but in the end, it's all about myself.

and now im almost 300 km far away from my family, i have to do all the things by myself which actually im used to it but this time my family wasnt around. my family here is my housemates whom im grateful to have them with

p/s - this was written before raya 2016 break :)

8 April 2016

Driving School

I really want to write about my driving school but there will always come this moment ‘orang lain pun amik lesen jugak’. So i refused. But i cant help restraining myself from writing and sharing my driving experience so i made this post. Not really interesting but if you feel like reading it, go on.

I sign up for driving lessons with cikya, who is a well-known driving agent among my families and friends. Most of my batchmates also sign up for their services. So on 28 dec 2015 i went to 6 hours theory class, cikya’s wife pick me up from my house and sent me (with other boys) to padang serai driving school. I was scared at first since im the only girl and im all alone there but im so so thankful i met farah and nabila, we met in theory class and we even exchange contact numbers, lunch together and also perform prayer together. And we still keep in touch until today. Surprised that we catch up with each other really fast and now we become close friends :)

So after finish damn 6 hours theory class, a week later on 5th january 2016 i went for computer test. Still, cikya picked me up from my home and sent me to Rileks, which is the center for kpp computer test. Alhamdulillah i passed. So now im waiting for cikya to prepare my L license so that i can start training. Our training center is at batu kawan.

My first day, im still the only girl in the car and qamar and cikya picked me up from my house. And i met huzaifi,my batchmate. Since it was my first day training and i already have to drive on the road with qamar coaching beside me in the car, zepi helped me calm down and he also shared his first time training with me. Thanks zepi u did calm me down and qamar even said i can drive very well even he still control my stereng and others.

So the next days went well alhamdulillah, im not alone anymore since i met ameely, wan nana and miranim who were my batchmates. but there were also bad days when i’d been scolded terribly from cikmat, mental torture and etc but my intention is only one, to get a P license so whatever torture i get later, i accept it and learn from my mistakes. And my driving progression went very very well because my last two days there, i got a really big thumbs up from abg qamar and compliments from cikya.

Even when i drive on the road, qamar said that i have a high potential to pass the jpj test. And he also reminisced my very first day there when my driving knowledge were zero and now i can drive well. I know when to change the gear, i give signal when changing lanes, i stopped the car at simpang, all of them are basics when you drive a car but honestly i’d been scolded terribly because of them. And plus, all of them are mandatory mistakes so i deserve all of the torture and hold my tears and bear with the scorching hot sun because im learning and all those knowledge are valuable and beneficial for me soon until im getting old.

And at my training center, i also met so many new friends and still keep in touch with them until now. We have group on whatsapp and we also contacting each other on social medias. I also met my primary school friends, looks different and awkward but im grateful that i met, him.

My jpj test was supposed to be on 31st march but i had an interview on that day so i postponed it a week later, which was on 7th april. Alhamdulillah i passed my jpj test, both on circuit and on the road. My jpj tester was so kind, sporting and friendly and alhamdulillah i did well. I even received compliments from him and i was happy :))

So now im still waiting for my P license to be processed. Cant wait to have my hands on it and also goodbye manual car !

Will miss the people i met during my training period, the moments and memories we carved together. Wishing you guys all the best too and banyakkan bersabar :)

Till then, au revoir :)

7 March 2016


Hi assalamualaikum

Its been a week since i updated my post a day before spm result come out, and alhamdulillah all i can say for my result. I expected more but i know Allah has a better plan for me, i have faith in him and i believe life has much more to offers after this. Spm is not like the end of the world right. And life is not all about good grades. It is (also) about how we learn and how we move and progress from there. 

At this moment, i want to convey my gratitude to my parents who always love me unconditionally, give motivation and support spiritually and financially. Only Allah can repay all your kindness and sacrifices. And to my teachers, thank you so much for helping me through thick and thin, give moral support, sacrifice some of your family bonding time just to spend all day with us doing revision. And finally to my friends who never looking down at me whenever i need your help in any topics i dont understand, im speechless and thank you doesnt suffice. True, only Allah can repay all your sacrifices and kindness. And alhamdulillah ya allah, thank you for borrowing me all these angles in the form of human who always loving me and praying for my success. Thank you so much 

Honestly, i dont even know what im gonna do with my life after this. I’ve talked to my mom about this matter almost everyday and in the end, im still here. Confuse and lost. I dont even know what im doing on this planet. But i just realized one thing, life after spm is such a miracle when all of sudden i get to know so many people, getting new friends from all over the world. Talking about college with my mom also tighten our mother-daughter bond and seriously, we spend so much time together and my love for my mom and dad is beyond everything in this world.

Funny when all of sudden im now still keep in touch with my primary school friends. So funny that all of us have grown up, 18 years old hahahahah. We have so many throwback moments to talk about everyday and i cant stop laughing reading our chats on our whatsapp group. Other than that, some of us also coincidently met in real life and its funny to see each other have grown up, looking mere different in looks and body size etc. And im grateful to have all these people surrounds me in this life

I also make friends from driving school and we still keep in touch until now. And also my favourite sister, rabia where we met in turkey. I also contact my sisters from london, and kak farhana from michigan. I read her blog since 2011 and i adore her so much. I cant be more than grateful when these people always praying for my success and keep giving useful tips and suggestions for me to choose a college soon. Alhamdulillah

They turn my frown into smile, lifted my chin up everyday and i cant be more than grateful ya allah. Thank you. 

Anis tasnim, im proud of you already my dear self <3

2 March 2016


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

SPM. I have left SPM for about 3 months now, and honestly, it's a huge relief.
I worked so hard for SPM. So when I get my results, Insha Allah I'll be thankful. The thing I am most scared of, is not getting results which aren't straight As, but that I won't be thankful for what I'll be receiving.
I'm scared that I'll be depressed which I shouldn't be because Allah has given me so much already.

So I'm reminding myself NOW, that no matter the outcome, it won't affect my future.
It won't help me in attaining Allah's love, it won't help me during akhirah when I have to answer Allah's questions. Allah won't even ask how many As I'll receive for SPM.

So my fellow batchmates, don't you fret if you don't receive what you dreamt for. May the results we'll be receiving in less than 24 hours initiate our will to do better.
Be thankful and remember that the results do not determine your success in life.
Don't torture yourself because of it, don't kill yourself because of it. Heck you could get 11Ds, but if you have a will to drive yourself to success, then I'm sure you will find a way.

We have a long way ahead after this.
I pray for our success in dunya and akhirah and may we all attain Allah's mercy and love, insha Allah.

In 5 years, insha Allah I'll be holding a degree in law, biiznillah.
Good luck to all SPM-ers 2015, may you all be thankful for whatever result you receive.

throwback pmr 2013

21 January 2016

Cappadocia, Ankara, Istanbul - Highlights

Assalamualaikum everyone !!!!!!!

See the exclamation marks there ? It shows how excited i am to continue the final chapter of my turkey stories. Yas, final chapter since my procrastination game going so strong these honestly not really busy as you expected. I just dont exactly miss it all the time day and night stuff, but there’ll be random moments when there’s this powerful surge of longing for the wonderful architectural buildings, gorgeous sea, magnificient mountains, azure blue sky, wondrous fresh air and of course those moments enjoying the tranquility of the snow-covered field at dusk - touching the snow barehanded is one of my favourite moment in my life. Its painful, but the feelings of reminiscing one of your childhood dreams is above anything. haha

So today im not going to list all the itineraries (thanks syahidah for spelling this word for me) of the following days after the cappadocia, im just going to highlights the most wonderful moments we had there and inserts more picturesss for you bcs i know some of you doesnt even read what im writing but only looking at the pictures. I know, picture tells thousand words kan -,- so lets proceed to no 1


Yup we met yuna !! It was such an unexpected moment she was in front of me when we’re queueing for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. I cant help but took a lot pictures of us together from inside the hotel until the outside where it was freezing cold but still managed to take pictures together. She was very very kind and down-to-earth person and pretty and so tall :/ i started to admire her after we met hahah silly me


in the hotel's restaurant

fatty me

i told you, it was freezing cold plus i didnt wear my gloves  bcs i want to hold the autograph punya kertas nampak tak teruknya aku. just realized i didnt even zipped my jacket.. jeez i must be really insane

Hot Air Balloon - Cappadocia

Second highlights of turkey after istanbul - cappadocia. I guess this place has become well-known after the Manisnya Cinta di Cappadocia movie which was famous for its hot air balloon ride scene. the moment i stepped out of the bus, it was freezing. Like, damn cold. Here in cappadocia was definitely a lot of degrees colder than in istanbul but the hot air balloon ride was definitely cannot be missed. I swear, it was the most mesmerizing an hour balloon ride ever. The view of cappadocia from the sky was priceless. Before i forgot, the hot air balloon ride is located in Goreme, its the place where there are a lot of massive stones and chimneys on top of them and its super cute. They’re weird but super duper cute. It feels like you’re walking into the other side of the world where people live in a stone with doors and windows and chimneys as their roofs.

dont be fooled by the pictures, it looks sunny but it was -6 something !!

Pigeon Valley - Cappadocia

Before the hot air balloon ride, we went to pigeon valley. Of course there were pigeons. But the valley, mashaallah its beautiful. And we also had lunch there in a restaurant. The walls are glass and we’re surrounded by the valley which was super enjoyable moment while having our lunch. The view was picturesque and we cant stop taking pictures there

After visiting the pigeon valley and the hot air balloon ride, we went to jewellery and ceramics shop. Place for the oldies...

Ankara - capital city of turkey

So the next day we were heading back to istanbul and on the way there, we dropped by at ankara which is the capital city of turkey. So here we’re visiting the mustafa kamal attartuk museum. I still remember the freezing cold weather until i cant even bend my body and i cant feel my fingers anymore. It feels different but exciting. I took a lot of pictures with the turkish but later then, i wasnt sure if theyre really turkish or russians bcs its so hard to recognize the turkish. But whatever, theyre damn pretty and there were also soldiers there and yeah theyre handsome - and looks young

Bosphorus Cruise - Istanbul

Finallyy we met again istanbul !! My favourite city. The moment when i saw the blue mosque on my right side and haghia sophia on my left side, i cant be more than grateful that im here again in istanbul, the city that i’ve been dreaming to visit one day is now where i am. I couldnt stop looking out of the window even though all it was technically seeing was old buildings, but it was beautiful and historical.

So bosphorus cruise was basically one hour and a half boat ride along the marmara sea. And i swear again, it was the most mesmerizing 90 minutes boat ride ever where you can see the magnificient buildings in istanbul and also the palace where sultan muhammad al fateh lived. and during the bosphorus cruise, you can see where east met west. The east part of the turkey (and the rest of the world) is on your right side while the west part of turkey (and the rest of the world) on your left side. Amazing huh

Topkapi Palace - Istanbul

Topkapi palace was once lived by sultan muhammad al fateh or is known as sultan ahmet by the turkish. The best part about this place was where we saw relics of Nabi Muhammad saw and his sahabat ! There were so many swords, hair from his beard, kaabah’s lock, baju besi, jubah saidatina fatimah, jubah hassan and hussein, nabi muhammad’s footprint, tongkat nabi musa, besi nabi daud, serban nabi yusuf and many many more ! But we couldnt took pictures inside bcs it was prohibited... and the security was kinda tight, but it was a blessing to see all those stuffs =)

Spice bazaar & Grand bazaar - Istanbul

It was our last day in turkey already and all of us were having this mixed feelings -happy but sad. Happy bcs we miss malaysian’s foods really much and sad, of course. It was sad leaving this beautiful place. So before heading to the airport, we went to spice bazaar. Of course its full of colourful spices and turkish delights but the price here were quite high but never mind, only in turkey kan. Plus we also had to finish our lira.. We bought a lot of colourful spices, tea, turkish delights etc. Same goes to grand bazaar, we bought a lot of souvenirs here and some weird designed stuffs.

But the thing that i admire the most about the turkish, after we finished shopping at their shops, they’ll recommend us other shops which sells different things from them..which is something that need to be instilled in malaysian people. Helping each other business rather then mendengki rezeki orang lain. Baru lah hidup sejahtera kan kawan kawan :)

So yeay alhamdulillah dah tamat episod turki hihi fuh. Hilang segala kegusaran di hati. Hopefully this year dapat travel lagi inshaallah and i pray every one of you who reading this akan sampai jugak ke turki one day. Tak kisahlah pergi travel ke honeymoon ke or on work purpose tapi the feelings pergi tempat orang tu memang different. Yuna pun cakap, kalau boleh kumpul duit untuk travel. Seriously, go travelling daripada simpan duit beli handphone baru pastu makan tempat2 hipster, better pergi travel sbb duit boleh dicari, tapi pengalaman tu sekali tu ja weh. Example, even aku dah sampai turki, tapi soon bila pergi lagi the feelings memang different. Tak sama walaupun kita dah pergi tempat tu. I hate it bila orang cakap pergi travel ni sebab nak show off, like the hell banyak lagi benda nak show off dah kenapa nak labur duit smpai banyak camtu just for the sake nak show off ? Doesnt make sense at all. Em, so i should stop here sebelum aku mula complain tentang perangai orang malaysia ni huhu..

So, till next post guyss. Au revoir !