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8 August 2017

All things Bright and Beautiful

After practically 3 months of not utilising my brain, my writing skills has becoming so rusty. You can tell by reading my latest posts (starting from..May?), albeit working part time at Shukor & Co for 3 consecutive months, which i admit twas the most productive 3 months of my life, it somehow doesnt helped me to be more intellectual in person. My mind works at a snail pace with it still remaining in hibernation mode. I need to change the way I live & engaging myself with more interpersonal/basic at-home skills- be a morning person, do more outdoor activities/gardening, help with house chores/cooking, less spent on my phone, spend more time with safiya, keeping my stuff clutter-free, read more non-fiction books, et cetera

Look at me, alive and Chicking

A little life update - i got accepted into Law school

For the first time in my life, i wasnt really thrilled about it. A plethora of emotions suffocated me at a time. I was grateful, it was my first choice after all. Some of my acquaintances didnt even get into their first choices. Some didnt even get to enter a university/educational institutions for their tertiary studies. I hope everything is at ease for them. All those hours road journey to Kl for an interview which only lasted approximately 15 bloody minutes, money spent along the way, physical and mental fatigue we felt, especially my dad who obviously didnt have enough rest due to heap of works he had in his office, it was all paid off, thank you didnt suffice !

The only thing that bothered me is im still unsure of my decision, i remember the scruples i had in studying law during my foundation. The rigours, the challenges that i had to tackle made me realise that it certainly isn't for the wishy-washy, weak-minded (cough*me*shrugs). And i dont know if im ready for the 2nd round, devoting my soul for another 4 yrs in this course. All in all, i eventually took it up. Ive come all the way for this, and i hope i enjoy my degree life as much as i enjoy my sem breaks, with EXCELLENT & CONSISTENT GPA, SUPPORTING MATES & FINANCIALLY STABLE WITHOUT BURDENING MY PARENTS MUCH & CREATING MORE MEANINGFUL MEMORIES AS A STUDENT. I believe if He has designed this path for me, it is really for me, He knows im able to do this. All i need is having faith in myself, give myself chance to do things out of my comfort zone, teach myself to not afraid of people expectations, always give best shots at everything which overall, focusing more in investing in myself. 

Here’s some quotes i live by, I dont remember where i read it, but it slightly sounds like this

The road you're trudging now may seem uphill. Keep trudging it. You will be able to strut proudly later on.


Remember what strength is? Strength is when you do not give up when everyone else expects you to do so.

I believe some of you had read those somewhere, i also do the same until now i realize how impactful those words in my dreading situations right now.

Feeling good? now lets hop into some less stress-inducing matters

Yesterday i went through all my old photos in the laptop, the 7 yrs old me, the 9 yrs old me, the 11 yrs old me, the 14yrs old me. I feel so content looking at those, childhood memories suddenly flooding my mind, and i cant resist keeping them to myself, regardless how ugly i looked back in 2010. I shared some of them with my closest primary school babes, Umairah and Sarah. From cursing each other to finally spill more memories which some i had forgotten ! It was fun, even though the conversation went virtually. It was so exciting when we discovered a lot more secrets of each other, our crush, boyfiends, boys we hate, girls we hate, how we managed to get boyfiends/secret admirers looking like that...hahahaha. We were so wild during those days, so carefree :D Did i mentioned our old photos? ohmygosh we looked adhoribble 

2017 us !

2010. what the actual..yes we looked adhorrible

It all started with one photo...which was the photo above

 their reactions are priceless, sarah is the most polite/naive among us, she just utter the f word hahahaha
 I will just share the highlights of our conversations. reminiscing our kafa days !

we used to have a lot of squabbles with boys, it even involved physical fights haha. Girl power, when its the boys' turns to attack, we ran into girls' toilet/prayer room to save ourselves. Genius.

Here goes the naughty part, reminiscing our lovey-dovey days. Imagine, we were only in standard 4, and already exchanged love letters with the boys in standard 6 ! It was in 2008 ! I couldve slapped the so-called innocent 10 years old me xD

see? one of the hottest standard 6 boys just asked sarah to date 

we were so wild and badass during those days, no wonder we always got vicious look from girls seniors, and i still remember one of them even spilled to a discipline teacher my relationship with one of the hottest standard 6 boy (even girls from other school want to date him!) after the news spread, we eventually became the talk of the whole school. fortunately the teacher didnt take action, or informed my parents, maybe because my grades were good, not even declining even though i was busy exchanging letters with him ! hehe

i couldnt exposed the rest of the conversations bcs a lot of names were involved & also a lot of humiliating experience were shared!

now, i realized i had an amazing childhood memories, we were so fun, yet carefree. we went thru ups and downs together, joys and tears, it was actually sad that i had lost contact with majority of us. however it feels more awkward to start everything from the beginning again, cause nothing will be the same. i promised with all my might, i hope the current friendship i had with all my friends and loved ones, will always strengthen from time to time, blossoming until death separates us.

USA, i still remember vividly how the 12 years old Umairah, Sarah and me creates the abbreviation of us. we came up with the name while sashaying to the canteen, for lunch break ! Ha-ha

29 July 2017


not a long time ago, she told him, 'i really wanna dance with you. not the crazy-fun-jumping-around kind of dance. but the slow kind. the one where i can just cling on to you. my hands wrapped around your neck, and your big hands placed just right around my waist. our bodies, tight, against each other. our bodies moving according to the rhythm. synchronized, slow dance. our favorite songs on speaker.  just us, in the moment. how vivid and beautiful'

thus she made a list of songs she could dance to with him, if that day ever comes. but when it suddenly did, she was flustered. nervous, excited, a plethora of emotions suffocated her at once. she trusted her guts and chose three songs, randomly. they just came into her mind. and she just realized that they were perfect. absolutely perfect for the first dance.

3 blissful months

remember my last two posts back in early may when i said im going to blog more about my working experience in a legal firm in a week or two?


it was truly an amazing ride, first, now i had a taste of what the legal profesion entails. preparing NoDs, summons, e filing, how important legal diary is and yada yada. from zero knowledge on legal stuff until now alhamdulillah i feel some sparks of interest burning in myself in law, course that inshaallah i will devoted my soul in for 4 yrs ahead.

well the result will be out on thursday, 3rd august (thanks Megat for constantly reminding annoyed me with the date), hopefully things will turn out the way i planned, but i believe His are better.

other than that, i am utterlyimmensely SO SO GRATEFUL that i hv such an awesome officemates. sumpah, kat firm lain susah nak rasa atmosphere macam ni. In the morning we usually had some carefree banters while having breakfast, not in the pantry but at our own desk. It was a great kickstart to a busy day! Kak Su will play misteri jam 12 (its from a singapore radio station, Ria Fm if im not mistaken) just to feels some chilly vibes while fingers gracefully dancing on keyboards and eyes fixated on the screen. its funny when suddenly theres an audio recording of the ghosts voice and we will stop doing what we were doing and listen to it attentively, when it started to sound ridiculous we will laugh like a maniac. sometimes Casey the pengacara for that misteri jam 12 also will play some weird sounds of ghost laughing or moaning etc and all of us were like...*facepalm* cause we think casey go overboard haha. i miss their chuckles and jokes we made every single day

done with a few horror stories, its Kak Mira's turn to play some songs of our choice (yes kak mira ni macam dj dalam office, request je lagu apa pun) from youtube. Kak Su lah paling banyak request hahahah. Surprisingly her favourites were always from 20th century vibes !  Some of them that i love the most were Air Supply- Making Love out of Nothing at All, Oh Carol (cant remember whos the singer), Backstreet Boyss songs, Celine Dion - Alive. Kalau haritu kitorang tengah high (high means we were sleepy) Kak Su will request songs from Cleopatra Stratan, a Spanish kid back in 2000s that used to be Kak Su's fav jams during her high school years. Obviously the songs were in Spanish. But i enjoyed it, u guys can google her and listen to some of her songs. My suggestion - Ghita & Zunea Zunea. Trust me this kid is great. Also Kak Su's fave was Maher Zain, Medina cause she said the kid's voice in that songs is like me, trust me i was treated like a 6 yr old kid there. Friday, Islamic talks (ceramah) will blasted out of the radio. Add on some nasyid songs also, cause its friday..

Sometimes Kak Mira will just play the radio, usually Era Fm, Sinar or Hot fm. kalau keluar je lagu aiman tino semua cakap 'ha ni kawan hang tengah menyanyi ni tasnim' and my usual replies will always be 'HA TU LA ADIK KAK MIRA SEMUA LAGU LELEH'

disclaimer : if youre from North side of Msia u will understand the dialogue above

Me ? Being the youngest i feel its better to just follow the flow. Dont get me wrong, theres no seniority stuffss there. Tapi i feel like since im the youngest i should hv some attitude there. Kak Su is in her mid 30s, same with the rest of them. But i still download my Spotify app in my computer at my own cubicle, because when i feel like i dont want to listen to the songs played by them, i will just play mine. Other than poking each other, Facebook junkie these two, Kak Su and Kak Mira always shared funny videos by tagging me along. Im now into facebook guys, bye twitter u lame

My boss in my department was En Amir, a very very down to earth in person, never scold me even when i make numerous mistakes, even repeating it on the next day. He gave a lot of advices, guide me a lot in tasks im assigned to. He even give tips for my interview (refer my last post) and always wishing me luck and also follow up with my life updates. He was like a father to me there, very soft-spoken and cool man. He always on and off from court and office, also treats his staff kindly, the other day he brought red, ripes rambutans from his grands' dusun, i almost finish them all by myself

Hahaha besides En Amir, En Amirul was also one of my bosses, hes the one who always give me difficult tasks with difficult instruction that took me almost days to digest how to do it. But hes really kind and genuine, and of course full of jokes, love to tease people esp kak su. my laugh box probably be very exhausting by now due to too much laughing for 3 months consecutively

Lastly, two boys who were 5yrs older than me by mistakes whose i never adress them as Abang Megat and Abang Shahrul but 'HANG AKU' only when talking to each other. Other than non stop collab with each other annoying me with their never ending rants and silly jokes, they also questioning me on why i took law instead of Masscom, i can be like mira filzah, or since im kayu i can be like fattah amin. Rude. These are the types of people who always making me doubt myself and my decision. Shouldnt even exist

ok back to business, theyre just chambering students there. and also i always look up into them when it comes to degree studies and what not, they always shared their amazing experience. side jokes tu common la even tengah serious talk pun sempat lagi buat lawak. Shahrul, he's damn hard-working, always offer to help, currently on diet. Megat, i hv so many things to talk about this guy. He's snobbish, swine, always late, careless, snarky & has weird taste in music -some of them are good i cant deny. other than that, hes sweet sometimes (the way he talked to his girlfriend otp got me dead like wtf is this the real u), cares a lot, shares a lot, witty, kind-hearted and f hard-working, always stay back in the office when there are shitloads of work. Hes enthusiast and strong coffee, body wired with energy, fond of intellectual discussion, always talks about new stuff, good movies and introduce new musicWe either engage in carefree banters or intelligent debates. Lately i hv so many names, Cenim, Nanim was the name he called me cs he said its manja (this time i wished i was dead). Also care about my future undertakings, he also once helped me with my upcoming interview, and keep up to date with degree intake results which happens to be next week. I couldve thanked him forever for that. You'll never read this but, i pray the best for you in the future

Thats all i could share here, there were so many things i wanted to share but im afraid they were confidential and quite a privacy, id rather keep them to myself. Wrote this down cause my sentimental+forgetful arse will definitely read this again in the future. Such a peak to an olden days is fascinating right? Now that im currently unemployed, anticipating for the upcoming result day, i will definitely miss the working vibes.

Till next post <3 (probably next three months) lmao

Au revoir

12 June 2017

Feet dont fail me now


I'm not gonna apologize for the little hiatus since my last post because there's no words to express the limbo of thoughts that I've been a captive of. Right now, certain things (actually just this one thing) in my personal life isn't going swimmingly well, however I was finally able to pry myself out of bed for something a little more productive today.

I had interview for degree in law two days ago

Alhamdulillah, things going just fine. I have confident that i will be accepted to uitm law school, but yes, Allah plans best. I will just keep on praying. However of course there was a time, especially when i was driving alone, i will think back about life. Like, i was wrong since the beginning. Or to be specific, why did i even choose law. i shouldve be a doctor instead, a pharmacist or anything else. Well its just 1 of 1000 things that ive been thinking about these past few weeks. naahh, lets just sink that in :'))

Things are just, wrong. since the beginning.


sincerely, the overthinking anis tasnim <3

Anyway, I had iftar together with syahidah yesterday, technically it was our last meeting before she will getting hitched. There are so many things we had catch up yesterday, we talked about life, future, a little bit of gossiping. She never changed, i mean, us. We still did all the silly things like we used to do. Like yesterday, we drop by at 7E just to take SELFIES and after that pretending to buy mineral waters to cover up our silliness. LOL.

 The separation, was a bit sad, especially when she said 'our next meeting, will be on my wedding day'. it was ... sad

well, adios and salam ramadhan everyone xx !!

6 May 2017

Life after asasi

Hellooooo !!!

Its been more or less 3 weeks since the last time I updated my blog. Lets be frank, my new year’s resolution to blog more this year…is not happening hahaha :’) I left Asasi about 3 weeks ago, and nothing much had changed recently. Still having the withdrawals, missing my friends, housemates, the great taste of penumbuk mangga (mango punch). ohh..I always had mango punch for lunch, dinner ! The sweetness and richness of the mango itself is something that ive been dearly craving for days. Even if I had class at 8 in the morning, dropping by at the drinks stall to buy mango punch is a must. Starting your day with the only mango punch specially made in uitm dengkil, is really..something, you will feel great for the whole day ! okay hyperbole detected ^^ but seriously, mango punch has become my holy grail ever since, I desperately want it right now…… other than that, I also miss my ‘lepak’ place - the wakaf ! the wakaf is just the opposite of my house, my house is on level 3 by the way. I always find solace at the wakaf, so many things had been shared there with my friends, so many secrets had been spilled there. And wakaf is like a ‘rest and go’ station for the Dahlia girls, like they will sit there while waiting for their friends before/after class, or just baring-baring. So many birthday parties had been held there, farewell party, since my house is really the opposite and we’re only on level 3, almost every word uttered by the girls can actually be heard, apatah lagi time korang karaoke lah, gossipping lah. Sometimes listening to all the rants and listening to all the songs with wrong lyrics that you guys nyanyi, really amused me. So its some kind of stress reliever la jugak, even sometimes annoying af sebab bising kan. But yeah, I miss the wakaf, I usually spend most of the time there, alone, drown in my own ocean of thoughts, it is really peaceful, especially early in the morning.

Enough with throwback sessions, lets face the reality. Life update ? after two weeks of repeating the same thing over and over again - eating-sleeping-reading-online-eating-sleeping-reading-online..the list goes on - I finally decided to start scouting for jobs. My only sole purpose is of course I need my money grows in my bank account. Alhamdulillah I got a job at a legal firm owned by my one of my dad’s friend/ex-batchmate back in IIUM. To be frank, im not applying there by myself, my dad just merely texting his friend who is now my boss and the next day, is my first day there. Thank you so much for this golden opportunity :’) Its been a week (well, not even a week- 4 days since last Monday is a public holiday so I started working on Tuesday). I can say that I can cope myself very well, get along with the staffs very well. I am the youngest there, since I just finished asasi. So they don’t know what to expect from me. I reckon my job scope basically revolves around arranging files, typing, photostate/printing stuffs or READING FILES, oh you know all the things that freshies do on their firsts days *blowing nails* but damn not *slaps hard in the face* Past few days Ive been completing almost 10+ files related to summons - serve judgement, aos, deraf penghakiman, saman tnb. So many terms im not familiar with but I can say im just a fast learner. What I am most grateful for is the staffs there, since im the youngest, I was treated like…how should I say this? But I looked like a youngest child in the family. They are very friendly and helpful, even when they are super busy , they still help me whenever I asked them on how to do this and that. Besides being busy, they joked around among themselves a lot that I laugh tears every day. Did I just said my only sole purpose is for salary so that the numbers in my bank account growing ? I was wrong, being there for just 4 days - I learned a lot. I realized these are the things im going to learn in degree years soon since I was placed in litigation section. Also my chambering days soon inshaallah will be easy since im already doing the stuffs that the chambering students do. Determination, self-perseverence, hardwork, responsibility are the things im currently instilling in myself. Because all the cases revolves around local people and big company, one tiny mistake, you will face a heavy consequences which I myself don’t know what its going to be. What stays in the office, stay in the office. Focus is everything. My journey is still long there, so I cant say much. Lets wait for another two weeks or so :)

Life update ? my life has been going upside down in two days !! - but in a good way. Today i spend the whole day sleeping, the next day i find myself eyes fixed on computer screen, fingers gracefully typing, forehead wrinkles, lip-syncing the songs played on the radio, surrounded by mountains of files in my own cubicle. 2 minutes later i am crouching on the floor searching for missing files/papers or even a pen. An hour later i run down skipping steps on the stairs to quickly print out all the drafts i had completed since the printer machine located at the lower floor (the one in our floor is broken :/ ), sealed them in their respective files, and send them to my boss' room for him to check for errors. After that, stretching arm, have another two sips of coffee & open a new file. Crazy. 

Adding on, 45 minutes driving to and from the office, dealing with heavy traffic every single day, doing big kid stuff everyday - im now officially an employed adult, a working adult, AN ADULT - so not funny :(

Im 11 btw, bye

P/s : this is such a short and messy blog post - really had no direction when I started typing haha but thanks for reading :D

31 March 2017

Wham !

Ola !

Did any of you notice that exclamation mark over there ? Unusual isn't it ? Teehee, that's because I'm suuuuper duper excited to be blogging again ! I've missed my little comfortable space where I can just write and for the longest time, spilling my thoughts and what not. So many things to write but so little time :'( I've been sooo busy with the assignments (for carrymarks of course) and final exam, and thats why I couldn't find the time to update my blog

place i wanted to be right now 

But I'm currently in the midst of my final semester exam, so im going to make this really short as possible. 3 papers down, 4 to go ! First week of examination was smooth-sailing albeit filled with the sense of trepidation at more upcoming papers. i think im doing well on Economics (last tuesday), on Introduction to Law III aka Law 087  (last thursday) and the recent paper was Fundamental of Shariah aka CTU086 (yesterday) was a complete opposite. I admit i wasnt really prepared for that paper, i did a bit because i keep on chanting 'this is the last time i open this book-this is the last time i open this book' so i just wanted to give the best of me. and yeah..another one perhaps because the credit hour was 2.0 and i personally think i can do well since i already learned Syariah subject in high school, but nahh i kinda flop yesterday. but lets just pray for the best and i really hope my CTU marks doesnt spoiled my final cgpa soon. 

Its okay, let the past be the past, my upcoming papers was Introduction to Law II aka Law037 (this coming Thursday) and Psychology and Criminology aka Law 039 paper on this friday. Since i have a lots of time to prepare for both, im aiming for As for both subject. please please aminkan ! and also next week there are another two papers which are Contemporary Global and Legal Issues aka Law 088 and also Academic Writing as the last paper on wednesdayyy and yeayyy end of final exam !

I dont have any plan on what im going to do after foundation, i have approximately 5 months break before degree life starts on September, and i personally not readyyy to enter degree years. But lets just sink that for a moment, because i wanted to enjoy every little pleasure i had here in UiTM Dengkil. I had so much fun here, surrounded by good, thoughtful and wacky people who accepted me and always have my back, im totally grateful for that. This place had witnessed how much i had grown and changed to a better person, compared to the first time i set my foot here. It was a crazy ride despite the pressure and stress i had to deal with everyday. well im going to blog more on it soon inshaallah after im done with my final okay ? and also, Happy April ! to more cups of coffee and late night staying ups  


3 February 2017

DIY Lipstick Organizer

Im broke guys, seriously. this past few days i had been on and off from kiosk bertam and my grandma's house. kiosk bertam because i made frequent visit to Watson and Guardian to buy some makeup and beauty care stuffs etc etc. my beauty stuff obsession is currently at its prime, guys. rip my money. also, went to grandma's house quite often this week bcs safiya (my little sister) always wanted to play with her all time ultimate favourite play mate qamarina (my 5 yrs old cousin). and also my grandma always invited us to have lunch at her house so yeah. so today i made a decision to stay at home and enjoy my time of my life while it stills because im going back to dengkil tomorrowwww ! and the fact that i havent completed my assignments .. yada yada just make it worse.

back to business, yesterday while i did spring cleaning my room, ive came out with an idea of making a DIY lipstick organizer after i saw this few boxes. and today it is done !

i found out this two boxes are suitable to be used as a lipstick organizer according to their shapes. so i decided to paint it in white. it took me two days because i apply thick layer of the paint so that when it dries, the brown colour of this box will be fully covered. also to make it looks bouncy and creamy like a whip cream (?)  

left this outside under the sun for half day


ready to be used ! i left half of my lipstick in college, so i put other stuffs first

yeayyy super productive dayy and ofcourse the satisfaction is higher when you the one who made it. this one is very effective and can be used for a longer time tho. it may be imperfect, flaws here and there but hey, give a pat to yourself because you made it. very cost-saving tho

the satisfaction face. plus, loving the warmth of morning sunkiss

oh and also one of  my recent purchase at Watson is Good Virtues Co Day Cream Moisturizer. I was overwrought looking at the packaging and grab it to the counter without any hesitation. also because ive read many reviews regarding it and it works pretty fine on them. the price also pretty affordable for its beautiful packaging and also the moisturizer comes with pump ! all moisturizer need to have pump guys !

also contain habbatus sauda (black seed) which made me eager to try it on because ive never tried any product containing habbatus sauda before and i hope it works wonder on me and i will try to make a review of it by the end of this month ! stay tuned ;D

so yeah, i should stop here, my homeworks ARE waiting. overall, i feel bad because this post is quite short since i have so many things to share, but i still hope this post will inspire you to try making a lipstick organizer, or ANYTHING with ANY RECYCLED/REUSED stuff from your home, on your own ! it doesnt costs you a lot, i guarantee all the tools required will not burn a hole in your pocket. and also u can help saving the earth by recycling all this stuff into something new and convenient to be used for a longer time ! Score.

well, i will end it here. thanks for reading. Au revoir <3

30 January 2017

Favourites : January

we are one day closer to february and i already put a halt on my january ha ha. since my new year resolution is i want to blog more, so ive been thinking on updating my blog every month, even if there are nothing interesting to be blog-ed about, i will just write on things that favors me on that month, even little things like getting praised from madam marina (my prominent lecturer this sem) would be great and become highlight of the month ! surely i will brag about it on all my sns ! oh simplest things that thrill me ;)

overall, january has been kind to me but still it was a kind of hectic month, i was quite devastated every day with due dates looming, assignments piled up, financial problem, eczema, tests and umm peer pressure. but alhamdulillah i managed to survive it all. maybe because ive been good with managing my time and i taught myself to be grateful every single day no matter how bad that day was. it all started when i discover the benefits of writing a journal or diary since my topic of my persuasive speech is 'why youth should have an online journal'. so i did a thorough research on it and at the same time was impressed by the benefits of writing  a journal. then one day during new year eve, i went out with my friends to a mall and i drop by at mph bookstores and i bought this !

so far im on a good track even though there were a day or two i missed it. this small pocket-sized journal isnt really convenient because the spaces provided on each day is quite small for a girl with big handwriting like me, but thats not really a big problem. i used this small notebook every day albeit how busy or bad my day was, i still write in it because i believe soon when i flipped those pages, i would be proud of myself. such a peak to the olden days is fascinating right ? I am an extremely sentimental person and I love the idea of being able to look back at what I did, what I went through and what I've learnt whilst growing up. even though i have this blog, but of course not everything in my life will be documented. It's good to be a little bit of a mystery, yes ? and by having a small book like this, i can spill out everything without fear of judging from the others because this considered as one of my privacy belongings that i would love to only keep it to myself. Haha.thus, i can concluded that i had made a good kick start of 2017. maybe i will be doing the same thing on more years to come, perhaps?

Muet Result

surpisingly i got band 5 ! im beyond grateful since the fact that i was half-prepared (i left my muet notebook in college, so i depended on notes shared through whatsapp by my friends)

Broga Hikes 

15th January, Sunday i went to Broga Hill for hiking organized by my co-curriculum club, Youth Club. i hate it, of course. i almost giving up in the middle of the hike, but i pushed myself because i dont want my crush to assume me as a lazy l-ass. i must maintain a good image in order to impress him, right ? #blowingnails (my mom better dont read this). and also, chanting 'im not a quitter' and 'dont give up' works wonders on OBVIOUSLY-LAZY-ASS-AND-NOT-FIT-GIRL like me and FINALLY, I MADE IT TO THE PEAK HELLYEAHAHHH ! the view at the peak was captivating and breathtakingly beautiful, we arrived at the peak approximately at 10 am (started hike at 7am kot) and i was pretty impressed with myself. there were games held at the peak, all of us were delegated into groups and we were assigned to do cheers and decide a creative group name in order to bring home more foods lol. other than that was taking a lot of pictures. spent merely an hour or two up there and turns out turun bukit is a lot easier than previous despite of gravity pull, the trail was a lot safer and not slippery compared to the first one. i had so much fun back then..and ofcourse my whole body aching badly the entire week.  i must have aging a lot :((((


i joined flashmob team again this sem, if last sem i joined it in conjunction to Merdeka Day, this sem is in conjunction to LiteAp week. i dont know what has gotten into me really but i enjoyed dancing so much. but this sem's team was a lot boring than the previous, we didnt took pictures after we done it and it was plain boring. i didnt enjoyed it much but since we will getting coupons, it fine. my lifespan there is depending on how many coupons i collected guys. HA HA

                                                                                                                                      Palace of Justice

it was on a rainy friday we went to palace of justice to watch real trial held there but unfortunately the case was postponed to the other day. but lucky us, the polis bantuan there pitied us and he took us into the bilik bicara where the case are usually held and explained briefly on all particular things we need to know inside. he also cheerfully answered our questions ! but we couldnt took pictures inside since it was prohibited. 

so after done visiting the trial room + its library and museum, we did took pictures at the outside.

look at all those thick, hard-cover law reports, digest and journals from various law school and countries

#teamjubahhitam #antisocial

this was taken while we were on our way to mcd at presint 2. so much love for the photosss <3

Class Photoshoot Session

it was on tuesday when we agreed on wearing white and blue for the class photoshoot. but me being stubborn, there was no single blue thread on my outfit on that day ha ha. but overall the photos were all fantastic. introducing - L6

the only one thing that we were really good at ^


I honestly couldnt survived law school without this crackheads who always full of shenanigans.

                                                                                                                                Lets Talk : Makeup

disclaimer : im not good in makeups but I AM A SUCKER FOR MAKEUP VIDEO TUTORIALS ON YOUTUBE ! i downloaded quite many and watched them whenever im bored. so i had purchased the basic one - foundation, eyeliner, lipstick and they works magic even though they cost only a few bucks. i couldnt afford buying the expensive one from Sephora, come to think of it, i even bought those basics one from Watson and SaSa using my allowance money ! shame on me. since it never against the law to splurge your allowance money on makeups, why not? but whatever, i still want to share my new bb cream and lipstick i bought this month.

Garnier BB Cream

I bought this after i watched syifa melvin everyday makeup tutorial on youtube and it looks good on her. GUYS, THIS ONLY COSTS AROUND RM17 from watson and it was beyond good. the texture is light, coverage is good as it able to cover redness and uneven skin tone on your face. kulit pun tak rosak and it stays longer than i thought.

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in 912C In The Flesh (this sounds like some sort of war weapons)

to be honest, all the lipstick i bought before are in pink and natural and lighter shades. so this one i bought from sasa in the code of In The Flesh is my first ever darker-than-pink lipstick and i laahhvvv it. Pinky-nude shade. Really pretty for daytime. especially when my mood is sombre and i wasnt interested to going to classes on that day (im still a skipping class virgin alhamdulillah) i will apply this lipstick and turns out it boost my confident. this make sense guys, dont roll your eyes reading this :') 

 One thing I love about this lipstick is that it is super pigmented. Like one swipe is enough, I swear ! Lasts all day. Also, they cost less than 25 bucks and have several dupes for MAC lipsticks. Score. The only con of WNW lipsticks are that they're quite drying tho. A layer of lip balm is a must for me. I hate the packaging, and I hate how it gets on my teeth sometimes. but im planning to buy more of their lipsticks in darker shades - Cinnamon Spice, Spiked with Rum, Rose Bud and Sugar Plum Fairy.

New Laptop


still contemplating whether i need to boost around about my new laptop or not but whatever, i still want to share it here. since i entered college, i never had a laptop on my own. i brought the old-fashioned one (our 10 years Toshiba laptop) to college and some of the system had out-dated and it was very hard for me. earlier this sem i also begging my parents to bring our current new laptop because there were lots of works required laptop to do this sem and they pitied me and yeah things have been better but still, it wasnt mine and whenever i went home i need to share it with the others. then my dad decided that i need my own laptop and seriously, its a funny story to begin with. my laptop is in blue colour guys ! 


my parents insisted that i should take this colour because its fun to look at , the colour is pretty and this is the only laptop there that comes with white keyboards. i was anxious on taking this at first but now, I DIDNT REGRETTED IT AND I LOVEEEE IT

 and now i irrevocably love anything with the colour blue. it looks animesthetic (anime + aesthetic) to me. although i didnt watch anime but this baby blue+white colour combination of this laptop always reminds me of kawaii japanese stuff. i dont know how to describe this but i love every inch of it. this laptop is the basic one for student like me who only use microsoft words/presentation, google and binge watching movies. and the price was pretty affordable the processor were all good.  the only cons were the battery lifespan was quite short and it drained fast. 


thats all for my january ! im currently on chinese new year break and im home for a week ! so many plans to catch up with my friends but honestly, i prefer staying home because believe me, ONE WEEK FLIES REALLY FAST.  i think that is all for now, hoping for a greater and blessed months, February please be fantastic !

Au Revoir