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6 September 2014

Missing Bandung

Hi. Actually, I miss bandung. overall, it was worth a visit. I went there on December 2011. when I was in form 1 haha.
let the pictures tells..!

ini masa sampai di airport bandara Hussein sastranegara bandung. nama airport boleh buat game  tongue twister ni haha

self picking strawberry !

had so much fun at tangkuban parahu. mesmerized by the stunning, breath taking scenery. btw, its cold here !

tadi sejuk, sekarang di kolam air panas semulajadi.  aku tak ingat apa nama tempat tu.

tadaaa ! yg ni pulak Rumah Angklung.  Bandung ni adalah tempat angklung dicipta ! aku tak ingat sapa founder dia but I love angklung ! we’d watched the local children there playing angklung, singing and dancing ! they’re also wearing their tradisional attire. we also got the chance to play angklung. its quite hard man..

ni di kampung gajah. idk what so special here, tapi dia macam themepark I guess. plus, masa kami sampai, tempat tu masih under construction. *ignore my annoying face*

the best part, kampung daun ! tempat makan ni memang best. surrounded by trees, monotonous sounds of the crickets, trees blocking the sun rays, the sounds of the waterfall, and .. the scrumptious foods !

I don’t remember how many days we spent there,but  I think about 1 week ! it was a great experience to visit other country ! so, after touch down at lcct, we spent a few days in kl.

so, that’s all ! thanks for reading. au revoir !

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