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12 June 2017

Feet dont fail me now


I'm not gonna apologize for the little hiatus since my last post because there's no words to express the limbo of thoughts that I've been a captive of. Right now, certain things (actually just this one thing) in my personal life isn't going swimmingly well, however I was finally able to pry myself out of bed for something a little more productive today.

I had interview for degree in law two days ago

Alhamdulillah, things going just fine. I have confident that i will be accepted to uitm law school, but yes, Allah plans best. I will just keep on praying. However of course there was a time, especially when i was driving alone, i will think back about life. Like, i was wrong since the beginning. Or to be specific, why did i even choose law. i shouldve be a doctor instead, a pharmacist or anything else. Well its just 1 of 1000 things that ive been thinking about these past few weeks. naahh, lets just sink that in :'))

Things are just, wrong. since the beginning.


sincerely, the overthinking anis tasnim <3

Anyway, I had iftar together with syahidah yesterday, technically it was our last meeting before she will getting hitched. There are so many things we had catch up yesterday, we talked about life, future, a little bit of gossiping. She never changed, i mean, us. We still did all the silly things like we used to do. Like yesterday, we drop by at 7E just to take SELFIES and after that pretending to buy mineral waters to cover up our silliness. LOL.

 The separation, was a bit sad, especially when she said 'our next meeting, will be on my wedding day'. it was ... sad

well, adios and salam ramadhan everyone xx !!

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izz yusuf said...

Hope you did well in your interview! Just to share with you that even until now I still have doubts on why I chose Psychology over other courses. But I guess sometimes we just have to trust that our choices will lead us to better things. All the best :)