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6 May 2017

Life after asasi

Hellooooo !!!

Its been more or less 3 weeks since the last time I updated my blog. Lets be frank, my new year’s resolution to blog more this year…is not happening hahaha :’) I left Asasi about 3 weeks ago, and nothing much had changed recently. Still having the withdrawals, missing my friends, housemates, the great taste of penumbuk mangga (mango punch). ohh..I always had mango punch for lunch, dinner ! The sweetness and richness of the mango itself is something that ive been dearly craving for days. Even if I had class at 8 in the morning, dropping by at the drinks stall to buy mango punch is a must. Starting your day with the only mango punch specially made in uitm dengkil, is really..something, you will feel great for the whole day ! okay hyperbole detected ^^ but seriously, mango punch has become my holy grail ever since, I desperately want it right now…… other than that, I also miss my ‘lepak’ place - the wakaf ! the wakaf is just the opposite of my house, my house is on level 3 by the way. I always find solace at the wakaf, so many things had been shared there with my friends, so many secrets had been spilled there. And wakaf is like a ‘rest and go’ station for the Dahlia girls, like they will sit there while waiting for their friends before/after class, or just baring-baring. So many birthday parties had been held there, farewell party, since my house is really the opposite and we’re only on level 3, almost every word uttered by the girls can actually be heard, apatah lagi time korang karaoke lah, gossipping lah. Sometimes listening to all the rants and listening to all the songs with wrong lyrics that you guys nyanyi, really amused me. So its some kind of stress reliever la jugak, even sometimes annoying af sebab bising kan. But yeah, I miss the wakaf, I usually spend most of the time there, alone, drown in my own ocean of thoughts, it is really peaceful, especially early in the morning.

Enough with throwback sessions, lets face the reality. Life update ? after two weeks of repeating the same thing over and over again - eating-sleeping-reading-online-eating-sleeping-reading-online..the list goes on - I finally decided to start scouting for jobs. My only sole purpose is of course I need my money grows in my bank account. Alhamdulillah I got a job at a legal firm owned by my one of my dad’s friend/ex-batchmate back in IIUM. To be frank, im not applying there by myself, my dad just merely texting his friend who is now my boss and the next day, is my first day there. Thank you so much for this golden opportunity :’) Its been a week (well, not even a week- 4 days since last Monday is a public holiday so I started working on Tuesday). I can say that I can cope myself very well, get along with the staffs very well. I am the youngest there, since I just finished asasi. So they don’t know what to expect from me. I reckon my job scope basically revolves around arranging files, typing, photostate/printing stuffs or READING FILES, oh you know all the things that freshies do on their firsts days *blowing nails* but damn not *slaps hard in the face* Past few days Ive been completing almost 10+ files related to summons - serve judgement, aos, deraf penghakiman, saman tnb. So many terms im not familiar with but I can say im just a fast learner. What I am most grateful for is the staffs there, since im the youngest, I was treated like…how should I say this? But I looked like a youngest child in the family. They are very friendly and helpful, even when they are super busy , they still help me whenever I asked them on how to do this and that. Besides being busy, they joked around among themselves a lot that I laugh tears every day. Did I just said my only sole purpose is for salary so that the numbers in my bank account growing ? I was wrong, being there for just 4 days - I learned a lot. I realized these are the things im going to learn in degree years soon since I was placed in litigation section. Also my chambering days soon inshaallah will be easy since im already doing the stuffs that the chambering students do. Determination, self-perseverence, hardwork, responsibility are the things im currently instilling in myself. Because all the cases revolves around local people and big company, one tiny mistake, you will face a heavy consequences which I myself don’t know what its going to be. What stays in the office, stay in the office. Focus is everything. My journey is still long there, so I cant say much. Lets wait for another two weeks or so :)

Life update ? my life has been going upside down in two days !! - but in a good way. Today i spend the whole day sleeping, the next day i find myself eyes fixed on computer screen, fingers gracefully typing, forehead wrinkles, lip-syncing the songs played on the radio, surrounded by mountains of files in my own cubicle. 2 minutes later i am crouching on the floor searching for missing files/papers or even a pen. An hour later i run down skipping steps on the stairs to quickly print out all the drafts i had completed since the printer machine located at the lower floor (the one in our floor is broken :/ ), sealed them in their respective files, and send them to my boss' room for him to check for errors. After that, stretching arm, have another two sips of coffee & open a new file. Crazy. 

Adding on, 45 minutes driving to and from the office, dealing with heavy traffic every single day, doing big kid stuff everyday - im now officially an employed adult, a working adult, AN ADULT - so not funny :(

Im 11 btw, bye

P/s : this is such a short and messy blog post - really had no direction when I started typing haha but thanks for reading :D

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