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31 March 2017

Wham !

Ola !

Did any of you notice that exclamation mark over there ? Unusual isn't it ? Teehee, that's because I'm suuuuper duper excited to be blogging again ! I've missed my little comfortable space where I can just write and for the longest time, spilling my thoughts and what not. So many things to write but so little time :'( I've been sooo busy with the assignments (for carrymarks of course) and final exam, and thats why I couldn't find the time to update my blog

place i wanted to be right now 

But I'm currently in the midst of my final semester exam, so im going to make this really short as possible. 3 papers down, 4 to go ! First week of examination was smooth-sailing albeit filled with the sense of trepidation at more upcoming papers. i think im doing well on Economics (last tuesday), on Introduction to Law III aka Law 087  (last thursday) and the recent paper was Fundamental of Shariah aka CTU086 (yesterday) was a complete opposite. I admit i wasnt really prepared for that paper, i did a bit because i keep on chanting 'this is the last time i open this book-this is the last time i open this book' so i just wanted to give the best of me. and yeah..another one perhaps because the credit hour was 2.0 and i personally think i can do well since i already learned Syariah subject in high school, but nahh i kinda flop yesterday. but lets just pray for the best and i really hope my CTU marks doesnt spoiled my final cgpa soon. 

Its okay, let the past be the past, my upcoming papers was Introduction to Law II aka Law037 (this coming Thursday) and Psychology and Criminology aka Law 039 paper on this friday. Since i have a lots of time to prepare for both, im aiming for As for both subject. please please aminkan ! and also next week there are another two papers which are Contemporary Global and Legal Issues aka Law 088 and also Academic Writing as the last paper on wednesdayyy and yeayyy end of final exam !

I dont have any plan on what im going to do after foundation, i have approximately 5 months break before degree life starts on September, and i personally not readyyy to enter degree years. But lets just sink that for a moment, because i wanted to enjoy every little pleasure i had here in UiTM Dengkil. I had so much fun here, surrounded by good, thoughtful and wacky people who accepted me and always have my back, im totally grateful for that. This place had witnessed how much i had grown and changed to a better person, compared to the first time i set my foot here. It was a crazy ride despite the pressure and stress i had to deal with everyday. well im going to blog more on it soon inshaallah after im done with my final okay ? and also, Happy April ! to more cups of coffee and late night staying ups  


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