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3 February 2017

DIY Lipstick Organizer

Im broke guys, seriously. this past few days i had been on and off from kiosk bertam and my grandma's house. kiosk bertam because i made frequent visit to Watson and Guardian to buy some makeup and beauty care stuffs etc etc. my beauty stuff obsession is currently at its prime, guys. rip my money. also, went to grandma's house quite often this week bcs safiya (my little sister) always wanted to play with her all time ultimate favourite play mate qamarina (my 5 yrs old cousin). and also my grandma always invited us to have lunch at her house so yeah. so today i made a decision to stay at home and enjoy my time of my life while it stills because im going back to dengkil tomorrowwww ! and the fact that i havent completed my assignments .. yada yada just make it worse.

back to business, yesterday while i did spring cleaning my room, ive came out with an idea of making a DIY lipstick organizer after i saw this few boxes. and today it is done !

i found out this two boxes are suitable to be used as a lipstick organizer according to their shapes. so i decided to paint it in white. it took me two days because i apply thick layer of the paint so that when it dries, the brown colour of this box will be fully covered. also to make it looks bouncy and creamy like a whip cream (?)  

left this outside under the sun for half day


ready to be used ! i left half of my lipstick in college, so i put other stuffs first

yeayyy super productive dayy and ofcourse the satisfaction is higher when you the one who made it. this one is very effective and can be used for a longer time tho. it may be imperfect, flaws here and there but hey, give a pat to yourself because you made it. very cost-saving tho

the satisfaction face. plus, loving the warmth of morning sunkiss

oh and also one of  my recent purchase at Watson is Good Virtues Co Day Cream Moisturizer. I was overwrought looking at the packaging and grab it to the counter without any hesitation. also because ive read many reviews regarding it and it works pretty fine on them. the price also pretty affordable for its beautiful packaging and also the moisturizer comes with pump ! all moisturizer need to have pump guys !

also contain habbatus sauda (black seed) which made me eager to try it on because ive never tried any product containing habbatus sauda before and i hope it works wonder on me and i will try to make a review of it by the end of this month ! stay tuned ;D

so yeah, i should stop here, my homeworks ARE waiting. overall, i feel bad because this post is quite short since i have so many things to share, but i still hope this post will inspire you to try making a lipstick organizer, or ANYTHING with ANY RECYCLED/REUSED stuff from your home, on your own ! it doesnt costs you a lot, i guarantee all the tools required will not burn a hole in your pocket. and also u can help saving the earth by recycling all this stuff into something new and convenient to be used for a longer time ! Score.

well, i will end it here. thanks for reading. Au revoir <3

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