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15 July 2016

3 bloody weeks

wow, sure its dusty here. it's been a long time since i havent write anything here, of course i miss expressing my thoughts in this small box. it's my great escape. so first of all i wanted to share where i pursue my studies. alhamdulillah i'm now in uitm dengkil, pursuing foundation in law. i wasnt expected to be here at first, since it wasnt my first choice to be here. in case if some of you wondering, ofcourse uia is my first choice since it has been well-known as one of the prestigious law school in malaysia . but never mind, i know Allah has plan the best for my life, all i need to do is have faith in Him, work hard and pray a lot.

it has been 3 weeks im here, sure it was difficult at first. i was so homesick that i cant be alone, or else i will started to feel lonely and teary and end up mascara smudging all over my face. it was sick. and i learn to be independent..which is not good. why i must be independent when i'd experienced how hard life was back in high school, juggling with homeworks and tuition classes and revision which i had done all of them on my own. i manage my own stress and time and money on my own. but of course my parents did help me in giving moral supports and financial but in the end, it's all about myself.

and now im almost 300 km far away from my family, i have to do all the things by myself which actually im used to it but this time my family wasnt around. my family here is my housemates whom im grateful to have them with

p/s - this was written before raya 2016 break :)

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