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8 April 2016

Driving School

I really want to write about my driving school but there will always come this moment ‘orang lain pun amik lesen jugak’. So i refused. But i cant help restraining myself from writing and sharing my driving experience so i made this post. Not really interesting but if you feel like reading it, go on.

I sign up for driving lessons with cikya, who is a well-known driving agent among my families and friends. Most of my batchmates also sign up for their services. So on 28 dec 2015 i went to 6 hours theory class, cikya’s wife pick me up from my house and sent me (with other boys) to padang serai driving school. I was scared at first since im the only girl and im all alone there but im so so thankful i met farah and nabila, we met in theory class and we even exchange contact numbers, lunch together and also perform prayer together. And we still keep in touch until today. Surprised that we catch up with each other really fast and now we become close friends :)

So after finish damn 6 hours theory class, a week later on 5th january 2016 i went for computer test. Still, cikya picked me up from my home and sent me to Rileks, which is the center for kpp computer test. Alhamdulillah i passed. So now im waiting for cikya to prepare my L license so that i can start training. Our training center is at batu kawan.

My first day, im still the only girl in the car and qamar and cikya picked me up from my house. And i met huzaifi,my batchmate. Since it was my first day training and i already have to drive on the road with qamar coaching beside me in the car, zepi helped me calm down and he also shared his first time training with me. Thanks zepi u did calm me down and qamar even said i can drive very well even he still control my stereng and others.

So the next days went well alhamdulillah, im not alone anymore since i met ameely, wan nana and miranim who were my batchmates. but there were also bad days when i’d been scolded terribly from cikmat, mental torture and etc but my intention is only one, to get a P license so whatever torture i get later, i accept it and learn from my mistakes. And my driving progression went very very well because my last two days there, i got a really big thumbs up from abg qamar and compliments from cikya.

Even when i drive on the road, qamar said that i have a high potential to pass the jpj test. And he also reminisced my very first day there when my driving knowledge were zero and now i can drive well. I know when to change the gear, i give signal when changing lanes, i stopped the car at simpang, all of them are basics when you drive a car but honestly i’d been scolded terribly because of them. And plus, all of them are mandatory mistakes so i deserve all of the torture and hold my tears and bear with the scorching hot sun because im learning and all those knowledge are valuable and beneficial for me soon until im getting old.

And at my training center, i also met so many new friends and still keep in touch with them until now. We have group on whatsapp and we also contacting each other on social medias. I also met my primary school friends, looks different and awkward but im grateful that i met, him.

My jpj test was supposed to be on 31st march but i had an interview on that day so i postponed it a week later, which was on 7th april. Alhamdulillah i passed my jpj test, both on circuit and on the road. My jpj tester was so kind, sporting and friendly and alhamdulillah i did well. I even received compliments from him and i was happy :))

So now im still waiting for my P license to be processed. Cant wait to have my hands on it and also goodbye manual car !

Will miss the people i met during my training period, the moments and memories we carved together. Wishing you guys all the best too and banyakkan bersabar :)

Till then, au revoir :)

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