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26 October 2016

girls day out

can you imagine, you havent met your super duper fabulous ultimate bestfriendsss for ALMOST A YEAR ?? can u imagine that? well, i cant imagine it as well but i myself havent met my bestfriends for almost a year !! yes, you read it right. the last time i met my bestfriends probably on the day of spm results came out which was on march this year! its not that most of us were busy with daily chores respectively but i dont know, we always are not free at the same time we plan to meet up. despite our late midnight conversations, talk on silly topics, sharing problems, reminding each other when it comes to agama and such, and talk about interesting topics or ideas whenever our brain cells connected to each other, its nothing much compared to real hugs and be social in real life. virtual conversations really sucks bcs at the end, we always mentioned how much we have been longing to meet up with each other, real hugs, took a lot of pictures together and have a nice meal together, just like the good old days

finally, today i get to hangout with my bestfriends - syahidah and dianaaaaaa !! im beyond grateful that three of us were free today :') we didnt planned exactly on what we will do, where we will have for lunch and whether we want to visit our school or not. it was all an act on impulse :) but it was a well-spent day especially with this bananass !!

so on 10 am, diana picked me up at my house, then we went to petronas, because i need to withdraw money (i didnt have any ringgit in my wallet sobs), then we picked syahidah at her house and we decided to visit school !

we were so awkward at first, and the funny thing is three of us didnt feel any nostalgic feelings at all, we just visit a few teachers who were available in their room, spent about 15 to 30 minutes sembang-sembang, then we quickly decided to go for lunch because we were so 'segan' wandering aimlessly around school to find whether we bumped into any other teachers or juniors. so overall we had spent almost 3 hours at school, which is pretty satisfying that we had pay a visit so that there will be no guilty feelings at all for not visiting school as an alumni lol

then we drove to secret recipe restaurant in kiosk bertam because it was our final decision. earlier on we were deciding to had steambot for lunch but unluckily all steamboat restaurants in that area were closed !!!! so yeah, went to secret recipe, me and diana had grilled blackpepper chicken rice while syahidah had dory for her lunch. then we bought cakess for desserts. & this is the highlighted part of the day, since secret recipe had promotion which is buy 3 slices of cakes, you can get 1 free. so three of us had our cakes respectively, then me and diana forced syahidah to choose the other one free slice of cake and WROTE HIS FIANCEE'S NAME ON IT !!!! she was so segan at first but since we had met up and we didnt know whether we had another plans to meet up again after this, she finally did it.

HI HUSSAIN - there goes his name - Hussain on the cake

me and diana even embarrassed her by took a lot of her pictures with the cake and upload them on all social medias platform (lol why i sounds so formal). of course she was totally embarrassed but hey, we're all bananas kan, so we go bananas lah whenever we're together !

then we took a lot of pictures, snapchatting, gossiping as usual.

the rest of the days were also greatly spent, we even went to ain nasuha's house and had pizza together ( we ate a lot today i swear), and took ootd's pictures at syahidah's house. it was so sad to say goodbye to each other, as we didnt knew when we will have this good times together again :(

syahidah, the last time i met you as someone who are still single , still cheekily talked on boys together lol. we planned so much things back in school and one of them even the silliest one such as  - lepak at cafe in front of aviation school ! it was because we intend to marry a pilot soon hahahahaha so funny reminiscing our school days, how immatured and childish we are back then. acah nak jadi suri hati mr pilot, tapi sekarang awak dah jadi suri hati mr arkitek heheheh. yeah, my sharifah syahidah had engaged now, and soon getting hitched. i was on mixed feelings when she informed me the news, but i know Allah had planned the best for her, and i have faith in Him

as for diana, we are still singles and still on long, bumpy journey to get graduated, getting employed and inshaallah getting married. how time flies :'( but i really hope that our relationship as a friend will always getting strong despite our age, status, wherever we are. and inshaallah i always pray that this friendship will blossomed till jannah

i guess that's all for today. i am mentally and physically fatigue right now, till next post inshaallah :')

i posted random photos so tired to arrange them hahaha

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