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21 January 2016

Cappadocia, Ankara, Istanbul - Highlights

Assalamualaikum everyone !!!!!!!

See the exclamation marks there ? It shows how excited i am to continue the final chapter of my turkey stories. Yas, final chapter since my procrastination game going so strong these honestly not really busy as you expected. I just dont exactly miss it all the time day and night stuff, but there’ll be random moments when there’s this powerful surge of longing for the wonderful architectural buildings, gorgeous sea, magnificient mountains, azure blue sky, wondrous fresh air and of course those moments enjoying the tranquility of the snow-covered field at dusk - touching the snow barehanded is one of my favourite moment in my life. Its painful, but the feelings of reminiscing one of your childhood dreams is above anything. haha

So today im not going to list all the itineraries (thanks syahidah for spelling this word for me) of the following days after the cappadocia, im just going to highlights the most wonderful moments we had there and inserts more picturesss for you bcs i know some of you doesnt even read what im writing but only looking at the pictures. I know, picture tells thousand words kan -,- so lets proceed to no 1


Yup we met yuna !! It was such an unexpected moment she was in front of me when we’re queueing for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. I cant help but took a lot pictures of us together from inside the hotel until the outside where it was freezing cold but still managed to take pictures together. She was very very kind and down-to-earth person and pretty and so tall :/ i started to admire her after we met hahah silly me


in the hotel's restaurant

fatty me

i told you, it was freezing cold plus i didnt wear my gloves  bcs i want to hold the autograph punya kertas nampak tak teruknya aku. just realized i didnt even zipped my jacket.. jeez i must be really insane

Hot Air Balloon - Cappadocia

Second highlights of turkey after istanbul - cappadocia. I guess this place has become well-known after the Manisnya Cinta di Cappadocia movie which was famous for its hot air balloon ride scene. the moment i stepped out of the bus, it was freezing. Like, damn cold. Here in cappadocia was definitely a lot of degrees colder than in istanbul but the hot air balloon ride was definitely cannot be missed. I swear, it was the most mesmerizing an hour balloon ride ever. The view of cappadocia from the sky was priceless. Before i forgot, the hot air balloon ride is located in Goreme, its the place where there are a lot of massive stones and chimneys on top of them and its super cute. They’re weird but super duper cute. It feels like you’re walking into the other side of the world where people live in a stone with doors and windows and chimneys as their roofs.

dont be fooled by the pictures, it looks sunny but it was -6 something !!

Pigeon Valley - Cappadocia

Before the hot air balloon ride, we went to pigeon valley. Of course there were pigeons. But the valley, mashaallah its beautiful. And we also had lunch there in a restaurant. The walls are glass and we’re surrounded by the valley which was super enjoyable moment while having our lunch. The view was picturesque and we cant stop taking pictures there

After visiting the pigeon valley and the hot air balloon ride, we went to jewellery and ceramics shop. Place for the oldies...

Ankara - capital city of turkey

So the next day we were heading back to istanbul and on the way there, we dropped by at ankara which is the capital city of turkey. So here we’re visiting the mustafa kamal attartuk museum. I still remember the freezing cold weather until i cant even bend my body and i cant feel my fingers anymore. It feels different but exciting. I took a lot of pictures with the turkish but later then, i wasnt sure if theyre really turkish or russians bcs its so hard to recognize the turkish. But whatever, theyre damn pretty and there were also soldiers there and yeah theyre handsome - and looks young

Bosphorus Cruise - Istanbul

Finallyy we met again istanbul !! My favourite city. The moment when i saw the blue mosque on my right side and haghia sophia on my left side, i cant be more than grateful that im here again in istanbul, the city that i’ve been dreaming to visit one day is now where i am. I couldnt stop looking out of the window even though all it was technically seeing was old buildings, but it was beautiful and historical.

So bosphorus cruise was basically one hour and a half boat ride along the marmara sea. And i swear again, it was the most mesmerizing 90 minutes boat ride ever where you can see the magnificient buildings in istanbul and also the palace where sultan muhammad al fateh lived. and during the bosphorus cruise, you can see where east met west. The east part of the turkey (and the rest of the world) is on your right side while the west part of turkey (and the rest of the world) on your left side. Amazing huh

Topkapi Palace - Istanbul

Topkapi palace was once lived by sultan muhammad al fateh or is known as sultan ahmet by the turkish. The best part about this place was where we saw relics of Nabi Muhammad saw and his sahabat ! There were so many swords, hair from his beard, kaabah’s lock, baju besi, jubah saidatina fatimah, jubah hassan and hussein, nabi muhammad’s footprint, tongkat nabi musa, besi nabi daud, serban nabi yusuf and many many more ! But we couldnt took pictures inside bcs it was prohibited... and the security was kinda tight, but it was a blessing to see all those stuffs =)

Spice bazaar & Grand bazaar - Istanbul

It was our last day in turkey already and all of us were having this mixed feelings -happy but sad. Happy bcs we miss malaysian’s foods really much and sad, of course. It was sad leaving this beautiful place. So before heading to the airport, we went to spice bazaar. Of course its full of colourful spices and turkish delights but the price here were quite high but never mind, only in turkey kan. Plus we also had to finish our lira.. We bought a lot of colourful spices, tea, turkish delights etc. Same goes to grand bazaar, we bought a lot of souvenirs here and some weird designed stuffs.

But the thing that i admire the most about the turkish, after we finished shopping at their shops, they’ll recommend us other shops which sells different things from them..which is something that need to be instilled in malaysian people. Helping each other business rather then mendengki rezeki orang lain. Baru lah hidup sejahtera kan kawan kawan :)

So yeay alhamdulillah dah tamat episod turki hihi fuh. Hilang segala kegusaran di hati. Hopefully this year dapat travel lagi inshaallah and i pray every one of you who reading this akan sampai jugak ke turki one day. Tak kisahlah pergi travel ke honeymoon ke or on work purpose tapi the feelings pergi tempat orang tu memang different. Yuna pun cakap, kalau boleh kumpul duit untuk travel. Seriously, go travelling daripada simpan duit beli handphone baru pastu makan tempat2 hipster, better pergi travel sbb duit boleh dicari, tapi pengalaman tu sekali tu ja weh. Example, even aku dah sampai turki, tapi soon bila pergi lagi the feelings memang different. Tak sama walaupun kita dah pergi tempat tu. I hate it bila orang cakap pergi travel ni sebab nak show off, like the hell banyak lagi benda nak show off dah kenapa nak labur duit smpai banyak camtu just for the sake nak show off ? Doesnt make sense at all. Em, so i should stop here sebelum aku mula complain tentang perangai orang malaysia ni huhu..

So, till next post guyss. Au revoir !

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