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14 January 2016


Guys, first of all im really sorry bcs i’ve left this blog for quite a long time, especially those who are waiting for the next sequel of my turkey trip, im honestly sorry bcs im currently busy with my daily schedule. Oh yeah, for ur information im now a working lady ! Heheh but not that type of sitting in the conference room during stress corporate meeting while fingers gracefully typing on macbook, wearing posh high heels and nerdy spectacles with mind buzzed with business strategy. Naahhh inshaallah it will happen in 5 years i guess but NOW, im actually working as a clerk (i dont know a specific name for my job, clerk is accepted i guess) at my auntie’s tuition center. Many people thought i work as a teacher, no mann teaching is really not in my blood - erk :/

My job is basically taking students’ attendance eveyday, registering new students, managing tuition’s fee, photostatting stuffs, arranging the class schedule and last one, cleaning the classes. You know, sweeping the floor and arrange the table and chairs and making sure the switches are all turned off. Cliche but it was quite fun, i learned a lot of things during the period.. I teach myself to be responsible of my job, i forced myself to bring out the best of me in everything i did, i did mistakes, a lot but i always find solutions to avoid all the careless mistakes i did. And after all, i learned to always be grateful. The moment when i see some of the parents have to apologize bcs they weren’t able to pay tuition fee on time, my heart ached. Looking at their faces, i know they’ve worked so hard to earn living, to make sure their children can get the best education like the others, even though the parents have to sacrificed a bit. Ya allah, bless my parents :)

Working with auntie doesnt mean you are free to bring laptop during office hour, watching movies while enjoying maggi cup etc. Even though she is my aunt and we’re really close, but i still have to respect her as my boss. So whenever im at work, i didnt bring any gadgets that can distract my attention, bcs i have to be firm with myself. Work is work. And of course, i must give a full commitment so that when i get the salary, the satisfaction is higher and more barakah hihi. That’s why the twitter timeline is chaos when the clock strikes 11 pm. You know what i mean... And also, now, i appreciate being home so much more than i did before hhahaha

Well, i really have no idea on what to blog about even though my turkey stories arent finished yet (i dont think finishing them, let it locks as a beautiful memories in my mind).. Before writing this, i asked syahidah to give some ideas on what to blog about since i missed spilling out my thoughts here, my great escape. So she suggested me to write about her. Hahah and you know describing syahidah..its difficult bcs she’s such a complicated girl but in the other side, she’s my favourite person that im afraid to lose and have taken a special place in my heart, my ture friend and my soulmate. Of course i need to prepare my body and mind before writing about her bcs i dont want to miss any pieces of memories we’ve created together after all this time. Stay tuned babiesss.. And dont worry for those who keep urging me to continue the turkey stories, inshaallah i’ll writing soon whenever i miss them, and recently im pretty sure all of us hv heard the tragic incident in istanbul, my thoughts and prayers goes to those affected in the incident. favourite city

And also today, im deeply saddened to hear of the passing of my beloved Alan Rickman who played Professor Snape. As a big harry potter fan there was no one better to play Snape. An amazing actor who will be dearly missed. Always. And yas, i will start my harry potter marathon soon in honour of Snape.

So its nearly 2 pm here and my eyes seems so heavy now and i can feel my back ached badly, i better off to sleep. Still working tomorrow, no weekends for this lady okayy pity me :(

Till next post inshaallah, assalamualaikum

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Syahidah Syed Ageel said...

Aww such a lovely post! I love the way you write. Couldn't be prouder:') keeep it up my lily! 🌷