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16 January 2017


n.  A very strong desire or irresistible impulse to travel

I made a travel bucket-list about a week ago, and I don't know what's gotten into me right now but I feel like I have this itch to travel somewhere in the near future. And if you're wondering, the number one spot on my list is New York. I have always, always wanted to go to New York. I've been on way too many beach vacays that I've now developed this burning desire to travel to big cities. Okay, maybe the fact that I am a huge fan of Suits & Gossip Girl (both shows based in NY), it may have influenced me on the whole New York thing. But what is there not to love about The Big Apple ?! In the words of Alicia Keys ; concrete jungle where dreams are made of. 'Nuff said. 

A lot of people who know me probably thought that London was my number one destination, but truth is I wanna study in London and live there for a few months at least. But New York, oh man New York, that is my ultimate travel destination. It's a dream I'm not sure will ever come true, but let's just keep praying. I wanna lose myself in the streets of New York, I wanna be a part of the hustle and bustle happening in Times Square, I wanna roam around Central Park aimlessly, I wanna admire the beautiful skyline day and night, I wanna be inspired by the place and the people and the diversity that comes with it. If I could, I'd fly to New York during the autumn (or fall, if that's what you call it) season. Autumnal fashion is my favourite. It's not hot enough that you have to wear less clothes, but it's not cold enough that you have to layer up into a ball of coats. The weather is right in between. Plus, autumn is when all of my favourite colours to wear hit the stores. Blacks, browns, greys, whites, maroons, dark greens, beiges. Especially in ZARA. Just thinking about it is driving me nuts. 

Throughout my whole life, I haven't gone out of the country that much. The farthest I've step foot onto is Turkey when I was about 17. I've been to Singapore a few times, Korea when I was 16 and Bandung, Indonesia when I was 12. That's it. And i've never performed umrah yet, perhaps soon ? ;)

Okay, moving on. Honeymoon-wise (thinking so far ahead here hahaha), I'd like to go to Venice, Rome and Florence in Italy and Santorini in Greece. I also wanna make sure I visit all the Disneylands around the globe + Disney World in FL. Other than that, Belgium for waffles, France to shop and eat pastries all day, Spain, Amsterdam, Florida, Turkey, Dubai, Melbourne & Sydney, Sweden. The list of places I wanna go to is endless ! But yeah, if it's one place I really want to go to the next time I travel, it would definitely be New York. With dreams to travel to incredible places like these, I think it's only fitting that I save up for a new camera now haha. I'm getting a jar for my travel + camera fund the next time I go out $$$