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1 January 2017

Kuantan // Lights Festival Putrajaya

Assalamualaikum ! First of all, a very Happy New Year i wish to everyone (as if there are readers here). but never mind, soon when i read this post again i will know that this post was written on a very first day of 2017 (despite the date that obviously stated above the post title) but whatever, i still want to convey my 2017 new year wish :')

so i'd been abandoned by my housemates for 3 days tsk tsk (nurin balik ganu, while the others went to malacca). but on the bright side, i love being alone in my room because i can do almost everything with careless. it feels like the whole world is with me. but of course, i feel kinda lonely sometimes. binge-watching randoms youtube videos, writing outline for my assignments, scouting for articles on multiple websites, i wish i can get out of this room and be socialize. but seems like everyone are in the same situation as i am too. except those who are going to malls, cafes just to kill time. but im too malas to dress up and go out and walking aimlessly wasting my first day of 2017. at least by staying at home the whole day, i manage to finish both my outlines of different subjects simultaneously and enjoying my time of my life. also, it feels awkward when im alone in this house, bcs the silence is deafening and i miss our carefree banters. but, hey i need to appreciate my solitude times because it hards to get times like this

anyway, biggest thanks to Nik, my classmate who being all motherly by offering herself to be my roomates for 2 nights hihi. im okay to sleep alone in my room but i cant stand being alone for the whole day ! its sickening T.T

before i rambles some more, back to my main business. last christmas break, my family and i went to kuantan and it was the memorable one. what a perfect vacation to end my bittersweet 2016 :') and also last 2 nights, Nik + her housemates and aerwyna and me went to Pesta Lampu Putrajaya 2016 and it was amazing. the colourful lights are everywhere + flawless light projector show. We had some korean snacks (i forgot its name and also didnt took picture of it) from the food truck, walking around and took pictures. but overall we were 99.9%  squealing in delights at the myriad displays of colourful and brilliant lights all around us. it was really really worth it.


we stayed at Swiss Garden resort, of course by the beach. and here's our photos taken there. most of them were taken with my phone and my dad's

Pantai Balok if i wasnt mistaken. the beach is umm..nice 

its raining



look who's enjoy swimming time !

my kind of morning :')

morning reads :D

day 2

woke up early to catch the sunrise. but the view of sunrise wasnt really satisfying because it was cloudy. it has been raining for so many days here. but my sister and i did took a lot of great pictures and here's some of my favourites. of course pictures of me hahahah #selfabsorb

obviously didnt showered :/

spent half of the day in our hotel, then after asar we went to teluk cempedak beach. didnt enjoy much because the place was so damn crowded + so many beruk/kera and we were all so hungry

im kinda disappointed because i didnt take the pictures of foods, the foods were all great. we tried their ikan bakar, seafood, mee chalong (if i wasnt mistaken) and ofcourse the crispy crunchy keropok lekor dipped in sweet sour chilly sauce. yums ! as far as i know kuantan is famous by its ikan patin masak tempoyak, but didnt manage to find the best place to eat it so yeah, next time perhaps ?

we stopped by at kemaman, i have always love terengganu's beaches. theyre all breathtaking. didnt manage to take a lot of photos bcs it was raining all the time T.T. but there's the selfie of the year  ^^

Pesta Lampu 2016

im so beyond excited about this. we went to the light festival on a whim, even Aerwyna who stayed in kl refused to go home on this new year break because she have been desperately wanted to go to lights festival. Nik and her housemates laila, qashrina and anis (same name tehee) casually asked me to join them. so basically 6 of us escaped the stressful atmosphere of dengkil to the wonderful light festival located in presint 3, putrajaya ! 

one with the lovely aerwyn

doesnt this remind you of the 'her bucket list' episode from WEIGHTLIFTING FAIRY KIM BOK JOO?? im feeling the drama vibes all time there ! #desperatelyneedajoonhyung 

we bought ourselves the ribbon lights, just after we walked to another kedai i saw a yellow crown which somewhat resembles VIP crown. desperately want it but i didnt want to waste my money T.T luckily one of Nik's housemates bought the crown (turns out she's a VIP too no wonder !) so i borrow from her for a while hahaha.but still the ribbon one also cute :')

there were also projector shows on the Istana Kehakiman building and i recorded them via my instastory. it was an amazing and effortlessly flawlessly beautiful show. worth every seconds ! also there are many food trucks selling variety delicious local and international foods/snacks/drinks.

the ball lights keep changing colours and it were hanging higher and lower and we managed to touch some of them !

 wearing my VIP crown !!!

6 of us <3

me, nik and aerwyna

and highlight of the night was *cringeeee*

told ya, we were so immensely obsessed with the drama hahahah

despite our happy faces, we were secretly disappointed inside because we had to go back to college due to curfew hours. nahh :'(

so i think i will end it here. assignments piling up ! byeeee and thanks for reading <3