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24 October 2014

after final

I don’t really have the mood of writing anyway, but to be honest i miss spilling out my thoughts here ! since final exam is already over recently (I mean yesterday), I cant wait to cross things out of my list-what-to-do-after-final-exam !  for those who still don’t seat for final exam or your final exam is just around the corner, all the best k. well im saying this because im pretty sure that my school is the only school which held the final exam earlier than ever =p

well, after 3 freaking weeks of stress, palpitations and anxiety, finally I have a chance to so-called pampering myself. but Im not really sure that pampering myself is a thing that I must do because I don’t really work hard on certain subject (cough physics cough syariah cough quran sunnah cough addmath).  I just crazily struggle on my fav subject or so-called quite easy subjects such as English and sejarah, and oh btw maths was quite easy though ! I utterly hope that I can attain A+ for one or two subjects so that I can enter the best class next year.

still, I cant believe that I will enter the busiest year of my entire life I guess, spm year ! gosh, I must wake up really. I must aced the exam, I must score 11A+ to make sure I have a bright future and all. as cliché as it might be, spm is important since it will be your only ticket to enter your lifelong goal university.

to make sure im ready to face it, the first thing that i must change about myself is, vanished from the realm of social networks. I cant deny that social network is very contagious, and social network also cant distract your studies and all, and mostly social networks also is a medium for attention-seekers out there (including me haha cant help) *punch my face* I must wake up !

bye, thanks for reading anyway ^^

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