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16 November 2014

form 5


i was amazed by how fast time flies. there's only a week left before the school holidays started. and the best part that i really cant wait for this upcoming holidays is that im going to koreaaaaa soon. i just cant wait. hehe. but, i still cant believe that next year is my senior year. i will miss my school uniform, my school stuff, friends and everyone around me.

 i need to do well in my spm, i utterly hope i can make my parents happy, proud of me. i hope i can do something productive this holiday as a preparation to face the busiest year of a secondary school student maybe, like, finishing all the form 5 syllabus ? sounds not make sense at all haha. whatever, but still i hope i can control my obsession to social networks especially instagram and wechat. more bonding time with family, less social network for me.  If any of you follow me on Twitter, for the next 11 months if you see me replying to people and retweeting stuff for too long by all means, tweet me and tell me to shove my face back in my books. Thanks haha.

i think thats all for today. thanks for reading anyway, au revoir !

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