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26 November 2014


I have this feeling that I am afraid of what the next generation will be, I mean, will they live just like us nowadays?  do they always stick to their phones all the time? do they just talking to their friends on their phones only? do they only laugh when reading a lame jokes on their whatsapp ? or will they feel happy spending their time on their phones 24/7 ? are they going to school or just stay at home learning Biology notes that their ‘teachers’ share on class whatsapp group? I don’t know if owning a smartphones can guaranteed you happiness. in my humble opinion, happiness is not something we can choose, it is something we create. u don’t find happiness, because happiness is something that happened naturally, it is simple. u don’t need a lot of effort to create it. example, smile.

this is complicated. maybe some of u will said that sending ur friends a smiley emoticons also can cheer them up. true, but why it have to be a virtual smile when we can smile on our own, let say, what happened after you accidentally deleted your conversations. did the smiley emoticons still stick in your mind ? or your friends’ true smiles ?

that’s not my point actually, im trying to say that we cant control ourselves. we, our generations are wasting a lot of our precious time on social networks. we become incomprehensibly obsessed over our phones, scrolling instagrams, criticizing the way people dressed, ‘she thinks she pretty ?’, ‘gosh I hate this girl,’ , ‘oh my god look at that thigh gap,’ , ‘she is soo pretty, oh how it feels to be pretty ?’ . let me ask you one questions, what is your point by doing that kind of judging people around and bla bla bla ? nothing. society are full of lies, you can only see their beautiful faces, but you cant see their soul. I wish everyone would stop judging others based on their appearances. As much as I want to hate them for doing it to me, I know I do the same thing sometimes. maybe you think their life are perfect, but how do you know ? youre actually doing nothing on social networks.  sedar tak sedar, dosa ja bertambah kan ? nauzubillah

bear in mind, we don’t live to comfort people. just be yourselves. because everyone else is taken. take a time to clear your mind, close your eyes, feel your skin. feel the air fills your lungs, breath in breath out. you will feel calm. put your phone aside, try to look at the nature around you, the trees, the birds. we always overlook the beauty and calmness of mother nature right ? mother nature is another nikmat that we always taking for granted. are we being grateful to be able breath the clean air every single day ? are we being grateful that we are able to see at those beautiful things in the world, the flowers, the sky ?  The things - luxury and comfort - He's given you is just uncountable. What more could you ask for, really? You have oxygen, a house, complete body (for those yang complete lah), a bed, books, education, clothes, food and drinks, a family, friends, selimut, carpet, closet, shoes, and etc etc. EVERYTHING YOU SEE AROUND YOU IS NIKMAT TAU.   to summarize it all up, how many times we say Alhamdulillah every day ? well, we already know the answers. how are you going to appreciate things around you when your friends are discussing over an interesting topic on whatsapp ? ha-ha

we, all of us should really forced ourselves to be a better person each day. stop with all the shits you are currently doing, social networks = shit.

well, im writing this because I think it is my responsibility as a Muslim, and as a SPM CANDIDATE 2015 to always give reminders to each other. school holiday is, another nikmat that mostly students always taking for granted. nikmat masa lapang. we should do something productive. dah nak spm tahun depan, at least kurangkanlah masa menghadap wechat/twitter/insta 24/7 kan ? buat homework or at least baca satu bab biology. itu duniawi. untuk persediaan akhirat pulak ? are we prepared ? mati datang bila bila masa ja kan ? takkan lebih sesaat, takkan kurang sesaat. are we prepared ourselves to live at the Hereafter ? so, time cuti nilah nak recharge iman kita kan? simple saja. take at least 5 minutes to treasure the holy al Quran. in 5 minutes, boleh dapat banyak pahala kan ? paling teruk pun, dalam masa 10 saat kita dah boleh berselawat ke atas nabi sebanyak 2 kali kan ? tak percaya ?cer try hehe

conclusion – there are many better things we can do other than spending time on social networks especially during school holiday. there are many things that we tend to overlook, until we forgot to appreciate them and to be grateful. So, we need to change and the first step is to be thankful for everything we have. To be thankful for having been born as a Muslim.  I hope you guys can get something from this. thanks for reading. au revoir ^^

And enjoin prayer upon your family [and people] and be steadfast therein. We ask you not for provision; We provide for you, and the [best] outcome is for [those of] righteousness. (20: 132)

And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, 'If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.' " 

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