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31 December 2015

Ephesus ancient city & Pamukkale : Part 3

Day 3

Ephesus ancient city is my fav ancient city that i'd been visiting so far. sebab tempat dia besar and well-preserved. pastu kan kan kat sini banyak kucing ! macam security guard pulak kucing kucing tu aku tengok

The ancient city Ephesus is located in Selcuk, a small town 30km away from Kusadasi.  It played a great role in the ancient times with its strategic location. Ephesus is located on a very fertile valley. no wonder the land here is greenier compared to canakkale

behind me, is the statue library of this ancient city. library ni the third largest ancient library, ada lebih kurang 250000 scroll a.k.a buku kot. nampak sangat orang dulu memang pentingkan ilmu. pastu bangunan statue library tu bentuk macam Petra di Jordan which is also the place that i'm wishing to visit one day !

safiyya, please behave !!

shes trying to chase a cat actually

statue library ! and introducing our tour guide,prefer to be called Zeus

awkward family photo. we're not usually like this :/

ni diorang punya theater zaman dulu. sama la macam dekat Rom

safiyya cakap bye kat kucing 

so lepas visit Ephesus ancient city, we went straight away to Pamukkale !!


it was worth walking barefoot on freezing cold calcium surface & enjoying the natural, nice and comfortable hot spring water.

ramai yg ingat tu salji but it is not ! yg tu ialah garam okay and the view cantik sangat !

yuna ni kalau ambik gambar cantik sangat ! i hope my feeds are like her's

so ini ja lah yg aku boleh share. till part 4 :)


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