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24 August 2014

birthday girl

what i want on my birthday

  • wishes from my friends
  • surrounds by family members
  • prayers from everyone (including u, the one who reading this)
  • polaroid (the possibilities  to get this is 0.00001%)
well, my birthday is tomorrow, 25 August. i feel great because, yeah because im turning 16  maybe ? well, turning 16 is actually what i never expected, i feel old sometimes. phewh, plus, i may not get any gifts from my parents. that makes me sad even more. but, seeing they happy is actually my happiness.

i dont need any expensive gifts to satisfy myself if my parents are not happy with me, such as my deteriorated exam result. it equals to nothing. all i need to do right now is study hard + smart, attain good grades and enter best university in the world ! then, i will buy a brand new ferrari, maserati, porsche, audi for my dad and branded handbags, shoes, clothes for my mom ! and i will bring them to makkah for umrah too ! and i will buy a private plane for my family so that we can travel anywhere, anytime ! and..... and...... and....

im so excited thinking about my future ! do pray for me so that i can be a successful person yaa guys ! i believe that i can be as i wish one day. 

au revoir !

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