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31 December 2014

2014 - The tears and joy

Alhamdulillah, today is 1.1.2015. Time flies so fast until I can’t remember what had happened in a half of the year. I feel like I’m still a form 4 student, with loads of homeworks, the immatured girl. that’s me. ya Allah, I still can’t believe its already 2015. I don’t have any wishes for this new year YET, so I
think I wanna jot it down before I summarize the good and bad, tears and joy of 2014 

1. I want to work hard, really really hard (in a smart way) for my spm
2. I don’t want to disappointed my parents anymore
3. Less social networks
4. no more sleeping, dreaming in the class
5. no more complaining about my life

Honestly said, that’s all I want for 2015. since it will be my final year as a school student, a senior year and I will seat for the MOST IMPORTANT EXAM in the whole life, shopping and movies are the things that I have to sacrificed for a moment. this is all because the spm.

so for 2014, it was indeed a very very tough year for me, and Malaysia. recently, a very very heart-wrenching things had happened, the tremendous flood , the airplane crash qz8501 that was also related to Malaysia and yeah, the another two airplane tragedies, mh17 and mh370. may Allah bless all of us

while for me, yes I admit 2014 was a very, really tough year for me. such an eye-opening when I flashback the precious moments. there was times I cried a lot, A LOT and there was time I smile a lot. you know the feeling when you’re betrayed. in 2014 also, Im easily fall in love, for real. it is embarrassing when Im saying this but this is the truth and I hope I can learn from my mistake. well, I never have any boyfriend, but I have a loads of crush. im easily fall in love with hot guys in the movies and vines and blablablaa. 2014 was also the year when my insecurity level turn on many times bcs I’ve never thought there are thousands prettier girls out there beside me, euw

2014 was also a year that I learned a lot about friendship. manisnya ukhuwah kalau dihayati kan. I cried a lot when  most of my bestfriends a.k.a true friends were transferred to the other school.  they are the the only human who can understand me, sometimes my parents also dont get me but they do. they always do. I feel like it was the end of the world (ok this is exaggeration), I feel like im the weakest, so most of the time I walked alone at school. at home, I cried a lot. I really miss them T.T but Alhamdulillah we’re still keep in touch until now. social networks connect us, thank you twitter, instagram, wechat, whatsapp and, blog 

2014 was also a year that one of my childhood dreams comes true. I have always wanted to touch a snow, shooting snowball, building snowman and cuddling in the snow. Alhamdulillah I’d went to korea recently and it was indeed a very very very very very joyful trip ! all my childhood dreams come true ! i learned a lot about korea and until now I still feel that korea is very close to my heart. I wanted to go there again and again. It was still unbelievable, I watched a lot of Korean dramas, and hundreds episodes of running man,  bigbang, mama award, roommate and the other Korean shows , and now im in korea. you now how it feels aite, cant describe with words. I still looking forward to meet all the Korean stars, who had give a big impact in my life, kim woo bin because he is mashaAllah an effortlessly drop dead handsome guy I’ve ever seen in my life, park shin hye because I watched a lot of Korean dramas she’s starring such as miracle in cell number 7, the heirs and recently, Pinocchio. next I really want to meet BIGBANG, I want to meet gd, taeyang, TOP, seungri and daesung. I’d memorized all their songs, watched almost all their videos on youtube and all. I also wanted to meet with all the stars from running man especially jae suk and kwang soo and haha.

what a impossible wishes I have -,-‘

but inshaallah I hope it will comes true

I think, I’d summarize all the incredible things I had faced in 2014, I don’t remember all of them, but I hope the memories will always stick to my heart and my mind. but at the  top of all that, I still need to focus on my spm. may allah ease everything, past is past right, I did a lot / uncountable mistakes and sins, and I learned. you lose and win, that’s life. whatever it is, I learned. hopefully 2015 will be a better year for me, a new me, new life, new hope, new dream  happy new year everyone.

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